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If you’ve been wondering what to read recently or wondering what resources are available for you as a parent/carer to borrow, this section of the newsletter will recommend and review books that as a library staff, we think you would love!

God’s Big Picture
By Vaughan Roberts

The Bible is one big puzzle that all pieces together to explain God’s big plan for humanity, creation and salvation. Travelling through the OT to follow the story of God’s people and his plan for their salvation, Roberts directs his readers to see that the Bible is one interconnected story that all points to Jesus. This book uses the theme of God’s kingdom to trace the storyline of his unified plan throughout the old and new testaments, showing how God’s kingdom is God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule. This theme is helpful in understanding both the Bible as one book as well as our role in God’s big picture. Whether you’re someone who has been a Christian for years, or you’re new to Christianity, this book is so helpful to understand both God and his word better.

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