Literacy and Numeracy Week

Our school is supporting National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2017 with Prep to Year 6 activities during the week centred around writing for a public audience.

We are preparing for a William Carey Christian School Writer’s Festival in Term 4 as part of Grandparents Day! We are learning how to edit and proofread what we have written so our ideas can be easily understood by those reading. Kindergarten are polishing their recounts, whilst Year 1 are editing a piece of persuasive writing. In Year 6, some students are drafting and editing a narrative to effectively engage their audience whilst others are drafting a persuasive piece of writing or podcast, based on current affairs. In every class, in every grade, we are busy improving our writing.

In Prep the children are learning to write their full names and are starting to copy words from a model. We are learning to form each letter clearly and neatly so that people can read our work.