Literacy Pro “Biggest Jumpers”

Literacy Pro is one of the reading programs that William Carey implements with students in Years 3-6, which matches students to books at their comprehension level using an online test.  Students complete this test once every term during their library lesson.  When they have completed the test, students receive a Lexile number which matches with the Lexile levels given to many of the books in the library’s collection.  It is encouraging for students to see their Lexile level increase over time as they read and complete online quizzes based on these books, at home or in class.

The two students in each class with the greatest increase in their Lexile level from last term to this term, are the “Biggest Jumpers”.  The Term 3 “Biggest Jumpers” each receive a Teacher’s Award and have their photo added to the “Biggest Jumpers” window display in the library.

Congratulations to the Term 3 “Biggest Jumpers”:

Kayla (3A)
Joye (3A)
Misha (3C)
Sophea (3C)
Andrew (3D)
Isabella W (3D)
Uday (3G)
Austin (3G)
Arianna (4HF)
Rosalie (4HF)
George (4N)
Isabella M (4N)
Justin (4J)
Johan (4J)
Siddharth (4L)
Weia (4L)
Ryan (5M)
Sarah (5M)
Meredith (5B)
Zeke (5B)
Helena (5C)
Jennila (5C)
Nina (5F)
Thomas (5F)
Benjamin (6B)
Michael (6B)
Ethan (6H)
Joseph (6H)
Chloe (6C)
William (6C)