Year 12 Modern History

In Week 5, Year 12 Modern History drove to Canberra for a two-day field trip visiting the Australian War Memorial and the German embassy.

The class visited the Australian War Memorial on Thursday, where the students had the chance to explore the Hall of Memory, browse the names on the Roll of Honour and walk through the First and Second World War galleries.

The students were also privileged to receive an afternoon seminar on the Pacific War, led by Lieutenant Colonels Jerome Russell and Ned Holt from the US Embassy. The gentlemen walked the students through some of the main artefacts relating to the Australian and US involvement in the Pacific and were available to answer questions posed by the students. The group was able to gain valuable insights into the American perspective of the successes and failures of the war, including whether it was morally right to drop the atomic bomb.

Friday involved a visit to the German Embassy, where we were ushered into the residence of the German ambassador, a rare privilege for visitors to the embassy! There we greeted by their Head of Culture and Press, Jens Hoch who led a Q&A session on Nazi and Cold War Germany, particularly focusing on the impacts of Nazi Germany on future generations. Jens provided us with stories from his own life and family as he discussed the guilt experienced by those who lived through the Second World War and how Germany has rebuilt itself as a nation in the second half of the 20th century. The students were also given a glimpse into the highs and lows of a career in the diplomatic corps.

All the students had a wonderful time in Canberra and really valued the unique perspectives gained from the trip!