From Mr Hudson

Welcome back. I would like to congratulate our Class of Year 12 2019 students who completed their HSC with excellent results.  

As a new academic year commences at Carey, students will be working with their Pastoral Care teachers to set challenging goals for 2020. It is important that students set goals to ensure they utilise their time and energy in ways that contribute towards their growth as both learners and people. To assist students in this process, Pastoral Care teachers will be working through a new goal setting program called Strive. This program is largely based on James Clear’s Atomic Habits and as such the emphasis of the program is to help students create and maintain habits which contribute towards their personal goals. Students will be setting their goals over the first two weeks of Term 1 and I would encourage parents to be actively involved in this process. In particular, please speak to your children about their goals for 2020 soon and work with them throughout the year to help them maintain the habits they identify as important to their goals. Once students have set goals, they will be visible to parents via Edumate and serve as a point of reflection in semesterly reports.

There are many changes happening this year that will help parents / carers in their child’s education.  To do this, parents need to have access to the Edumate Portal and download the William Carey Christian School App to access many of the new features, such as;

* Excursion notes – these are now electronic. Parents can grant permission for excursions at the click of a button.  All you need is access to Edumate portal or the WCCS App. Click here for help understanding how to use the app.

* Progressive reporting – releasing information about your child’s results soon after the task has been completed. This means you don’t have to wait for the end of semester report. Click here to understand more about progressive reporting.

New welfare pages

* Support page for students who need help, whether its about talking to someone or bullying.  Click here to visit the WCCS Welfare page.

* SchoolTV – a new online resource designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies. Click here to visit SchoolTV.

Parent seminars – save the dates!

The three parent seminars are designed to assist you in this modern day to deal with various issues. We as a school community want to show our students that we are always life long learners, so save the dates and come along.

Week 5 – 24th February – Y safe. Safe and use wise of technology.  The Victorian government has banned smart phones at schools this year. Why?  As a parent you need to be prepared. Click here to find out more about Y Safe.

Week 8 – 16th March – Elevate company. The parent seminar provides help and strategies for parents when dealing with student study techniques.

Term 2 – 14th May – Anxiety and Anxious Christians Seminar.  This topic is very relevant for all ages, especially our young children. It will look at what is anxiety, its symptoms and causes and how to help family/friends who experience anxiety. The seminar will also look at what the bible says about anxiety.

Major Events in Term 1

Week 2                 Year 7, 10 & 12 Meet the teacher evening              Year 10 Stepping into Senior School

Week 3                 Year 8, 9 & 11 Meet the teacher evening                High School Swimming Carnival

Week 4                 Learning Support Unit Camp

Week 5                 Y Safe Day Parent Seminar                                       Year 10 PASS camp

Week 9                 Year 9 Camp  Week 10                                              Year 7 Camp

The staff and I look forward to partnering with students and families, to improve student motivation and learning in 2020.

In His service,

Mr Anthony Hudson

Deputy Principal