Munch Monitor Handy Hints

Thank you to those families who have made the transition to Munch Monitor, our new online lunch order system. Many people have welcomed the family account option, which allows households to order multiple students’ lunches under the one account, via, and to order lunches up to four weeks in advance.

Parents and carers need to be aware that reminder alerts will be sent to the registered email account when fund balances are low, accounts are not automatically topped up. Top ups can also be done online via credit card or in person at our school canteen using cash or EFTPOS.

Orders must be placed before 9:00 am each day. If there are any issues with this, the friendly canteen staff are able to help you place a ‘late order’ if contacted via 9608 2277.

Whole School

  • Snack Money is available for parents who wish for their children to access account funds, during school hours. This cashless option allows parents to pre-determine cash limits and daily expenditure.
  • Individual cards must be presented when making purchases, transactions will not be debited from accounts unless the correct card is presented for each student.
  • If cards are lost, there is a $5 lost card fee, payable to the canteen directly. Cards can be made identifiable by a photo of the respective student, chosen and uploaded by the account holder, onto the online system.
  • Cash transactions are still accepted by the canteen but not for specified lunch order items, such as salads, wraps and some hot foods.
  • The use of EFTPOS is only available for account top ups, not food purchases.
  • If a student is absent on a day that their lunch order has been pre-ordered, please contact the school canteen before 9:30 am to reverse/cancel the order. Once an order has been prepared by staff, it cannot be cancelled.

Primary School

  • Primary school students will be given a Munch Monitor card to access Snack Money funds
  • If a student finds an item missing from their order, they are encouraged to inform their teacher who can then verify the order and send the student to the canteen for a replacement.
  • Large quantities of Birthday/Catering items, such as Quelch fruit juice sticks, muffins or jelly cups, are available from the canteen. Two days’ notice is required for all orders, with orders made either in person or over the phone. Please also contact the classroom teacher for clarification regarding allergy alerts that may be present in your child’s classroom.

High School

  • High school students can access Snack Money funds via their current Student Identification Card, activated by canteen staff on first usage.
  • Lunch items purchased over the counter are limited in number, so students are encouraged to place an order online and simply pick up from the canteen window at the start of lunch
  • Students with access to their own funds/bank accounts may manage an independent Munch Monitor account, separate from the family account. Parents will need to authorise this online, please contact the Canteen staff for further clarification if required.