National Science Week

During Week 3, WCCS celebrated National Science Week in an exciting way. We hosted our very own ideas challenge to see what creative inventions our talented students could design. We spent time in our classrooms discussing the incredibly long list of inventions that have been created by kids. We learnt that things we come into contact with often like ice blocks and earmuffs were invented by young people who were looking to creatively solve problems in their lives. We were inspired by their stories and excited to take up the challenge ourselves. We started by identifying something in our lives that causes us problems or could be made easier for us. We then got to work and began brainstorming some incredible solutions.

1 – Hair machine: Sometimes I can’t do my hair on my own. I made a machine that does your hair for you. Open the door, put your head in and it get the hair you want. Jewel – Kindergarten

2 – Crab gloves: I like seeing crabs at the beach but sometimes they bite. These are special gloves to wear so that a crab can not bite your fingers. Dylan – Kindergarten

3 – Shoelace tier: Put a rock in and press the button. The rock falls, hits the lever and bounces onto a tiny trampoline. It then bounces up to spin the cog which moves the claw. The claw ties your shoelaces. Elliot – Year 1

4 – Injury scanner: If you are hurt you can use this machine to figure out what is wrong with you. The machine scans your arm and tells you the problem. For example, if you fell over and hurt your arm the machine will x-ray it and tell you your arm is broken. It also tells you who to call for help. Alvin – Year 3

5 – Smart shower: You scan your hand and it will go to your account with your set temperature. If you don’t have an account it’s very easy to make one so you can enjoy a fantastic shower. Ammius – Year 4

6 – Jumpy shoes: I invented shoes with special springs inside. I invented them because sometimes I am too short to reach things. The shoes jump to different heights depending on how hard you push the button.  Jessica – Year 4

7 – Allergy tablets: Instead of having an EpiPen you can use these tablets and they will stop your reaction from happening. They are easier to use and work quickly. Leah and Olivia – Year 5

8 – Self watering pot: This pot works on a timer, sound recognition and a pressure stand. It waters your plant regularly so that it grows without you having to remember to water it. Sebastian – Year 6


During National Science Week, Year 2 students carried out investigations to determine which ingredients could be combined and then separated again. Whilst making slime and chocolate crackles, Year 2 students discovered that not all materials, once combined, could be separated again. Other activities included trying to mix oil and water and sifting dry mixtures to separate ingredients. Teachers and students were very appreciative of parent help whilst conducting these investigations. What a fantastic day of Science!