One of our Year 11 students, Zenina Z has been selected to participate in the New South Wales Schools Constitutional Convention on Monday, 5th November, 2012. The convention will involve up to 100 students from secondary schools across NSW. It will take place at the NSW Parliament in Macquarie Street, Sydney. It is a great opportunity for students to meet other like-minded students and apply their knowledge of law.

Zenina, as one of our sharpest legal minds currently enrolled in Legal Studies, will be listening to a keynote speaker who is a Professor of Constitutional Law at Sydney University and then participating in a workshop in a small group to discuss the topic and develop a report-back.

During the workshop groups, students will select 30 participants as delegates to the National Schools Constitutional Convention, which will be held in Canberra in 2013. The delegates will be elected by secret ballot from amongst the groups. The day culminates with a “conference referendum” on the issues that were discussed. The referendum questions are thought provoking and always topical. Zenina will be grappling with such referendum propositions as, that: “The Head of State should be an Australian Citizen”, “The Head of State should be chosen by the Commonwealth Parliament” and “The Head of State should be directly elected by the Australian people”.

We are sure that Zenina will admirably represent WCCS!