On Behalf of the Parents of the Class of 2019

Delivered by Mr and Mrs Perez

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of our thoughts and experiences as we reflect back over the past few years at William Carey and how it’s impacted us and our children, including Hannah who is graduating today.

Our journey at Carey began six-years ago when our four children started their schooling here.  Looking back, that has been one of the best decisions we made. We have found Carey to be a place of learning, fantastic support and encouragement.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing and at times we faced new challenges, for instance; when we went to school we used paper and pencil, now things are done in the cloud ‘on the line’, and that brings with it a range of issues – pages not loading up, online security, age appropriate filters, internet drop out, upload speeds, time boundaries…. How about washing and ironing uniforms in time for school – even pairing up of matching socks… or late assignments.  No matter what the challenge we faced we have always felt supported by the team of committed staff and teachers that want the very best for us.

The community at Carey is what makes this place special. We came here seeking such a community, one that would encourage, challenge and support our children in a Christ centred environment.  The friendships that all of our children have developed over the years have been such a source of support and encouragement to them. We really value the way in which these friendships have challenged them to grow into mature young people.

The true friendships that Hannah has made are a blessing to her and we thank God for these friends that ‘had her back’, prayed for her and with her, checked up on her and encouraged her in times of difficulty.  We hope you will continue to stay connected with each other and that your friendships will only grow stronger over the coming years. 

Year 12, being the fine young adults that you are, we’re sure that you’ve already taken the opportunity to thank your teachers and the other school staff for their investment into your lives. And we as parents also thank them. For it’s the people here at Carey – the executive, the teachers, the office and admin staff AND the canteen staff– who define the culture of care, respect and fairness, who set the standards, who lead by example, who educate to the best of their ability, and who do all the work behind the scenes to enable the activities and opportunities provided.

There are many teachers and staff that have made a huge impact in the lives of our children, and therefore impacted us as a family – we sincerely thank you.  

Like us, many of you have been blessed by Miss Morphett.  She has been an amazing support and encouragement to Hannah and our family.  Thank you for your care, love, wise counsel and dedication to our children.  

Some memorable times that stick out for us are participating in the musicals, Duke of Ed activities, driving in the car to and from school – there were plenty of those. And even last-minute assignments – the night before it’s due… at bed time. 

Students, be encouraged that God has a specific plan and purpose for each and every one of your lives. A scripture passage that particularly comes to mind is:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6.  

William Carey Christian School Class of 2019 – congratulations on graduating today. You are well equipped for the journey ahead, to do remarkable and rewarding things, and to positively impact the wider community. 

Continue to do well.  We all look forward, with much excitement and anticipation, to see what you make of the journey from here on.

God Bless