New Pedestrian Entrance to WCCS

Opening 2018!

WCCS is excited to announce the opening of a new pedestrian access gate on Camden Valley Way starting Term 1, 2018.  Our school worked closely with Roads and Maritime Services and Liverpool City Council over an extended period of time to complete this project.

With more families moving into estates in Horningsea Park and Edmondson Park, we wanted to make it safe and easy for students to be able to walk to school.  At present, families can only walk and enter via Bumbera Street.  Now, these families can walk through the new gate on Camden Valley Way.

We are very grateful to the RMS for all their assistance they have provided.  They worked tirelessly with our school in providing a safe alternative for students to walk to school.  To ensure the safety for all families, there were a number of very clear stipulations regarding access to this entrance.

The main stipulation is that cars are not permitted to stop on Camden Valley Way to drop off their children to gain access to this entrance.  This gated entrance is only available to families that live in Horningsea Park and Edmondson Park.  Targeted families will be receiving a letter soon outlining details on how they can get access to the gate.

We look forward to seeing this gate in operation in 2018 as well as seeing local families walking safely to school each day.