What’s So Special About March 14th 2019?

It’s not just Albert Einstein’s birthday, it is also a special day where mathematicians the world over celebrate Pi day. So what is Pi you ask? It is the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter, usually written as 3.14159… and if written to two decimal places would be 3.14, which when we write the date like Americans do, in shortened form, then March 14th looks like 3/14 much like Pi.

To celebrate Pi Day, Mrs Groucutt along with 8A and 8T STEM investigated whether it was true that the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter always turns out to be Pi. They hunted for 14 pi symbols hidden around the room – one especially tricky pi. They also drew the mystic rose using Pi and listened to Pi songs and Pi the number being played on the piano. They ate all things Pi like – including caramel pie, meat pies, pi-zza, and other things round (because they have Pi in them). Emily and Emma (both in 8T) and Anwyn (8A) made specially decorated Pi things to eat.

All in all, they had fun celebrating Pi day (and Einstein’s birthday – Mrs Groucutt even tried an impersonation).