Message from the Primary Deputy

Oops, I Missed My Bus…
Bus lines is a very busy place of an afternoon. Staff are on hand, supervising children, loading buses and asking if anyone is missing, before sending the bus on its way. However, we cannot mark a roll to confirm that every child is where they should be. It is your child’s responsibility to be at the bus bay in time to board their bus. They need to listen to announcements, and be attentive to which buses are coming and going. If your child misses their bus, the procedure is for them to go to the Front Office and call home to arrange a lift. Please don’t encourage your child to catch an alternate bus, as this often results in their whereabouts being unknown. Also, note that once a bus has begun to move, it cannot be stopped.  To do so in the busy bus bay would be incredibly dangerous.


That Delicate Balance
Sometimes our children come home from school having had a disappointing day. It may be school-work related; it may be friendship related. It may be for no particular reason at all. So what do you do? Do you let their teacher know or do you wait to see how things go? There is no correct answer but I would offer a few guidelines. Firstly, if this goes on for more than a day or two, please let your child’s teacher know. A quick note in the planner (Years 3-6) or in their folder (K-2) is fine, as is an email to the teacher or call to the Primary office. Secondly, don’t let things build up to crisis point.  Talk to us before then. Finally, keep us in the loop. If we are dealing with something/have dealt with something, but it comes back – let us know ASAP. We are keen to work together with families to make school a positive and enjoyable experience.


Visiting Students from Trinity Grammar
Next week, we have some senior students visiting us from Trinity Grammar School. They are coming as part of their training as Christian leaders in their school. Their stated aims are:

  • Faithfully and servant-heartedly teach the Bible in order to build up the ministries of our partners (churches and schools).
  • Recruit and train Christian leaders for ministry in schools today and in life beyond school.
  • Expose students to other fields beyond their own experience with the hope that they may be mission-minded for the rest of their lives.

The students will work with many of our classes, to present the Gospel message in an entertaining and relational manner. We are greatly looking forward to this visit.


Coming Soon:

Friday 2nd March
Year 1 Bee Incursion
CSSA Soccer Trials

Mon 5th – Wed 7th March
EnvironMentors Talks K-6

Monday 5th March
State Swimming

Wednesday 7th  March
IPSSO – WCCS vs. St Marks

Thursday 8th March 
Prep Parent/Teacher Interviews (1)
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3
HICES Debating at Inaburra

Friday 9th March
K-6 Assembly – 2:00 pm in the hall (Zone ribbons and school carnival age champions)
K-2 Dance – 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm in the hall

Mon 12th – Wed 14th March
Trinity Grammar Students Visiting – Gospel Presentations

Monday 12th March
Year 4 Camp Meeting (for parents attending)

Tuesday 13th March
Prep Parent/Teacher Interviews (2)

Wednesday 14th March
IPSSO – BYE (Training back at school)

Friday 16th March
Bullying, No Way! Day


In His Service,

Robert Burgess
Primary Deputy Principal