From Mrs Coote

What is the importance of assessments?

Families can often be curious as to how staff go about assessing the needs of every student. As we are currently in the report writing season, now is a perfect time to outline the three ways that teachers go about this. They are formative, interim, and summative. Each one serves a different purpose and provides varied data. Below are several short clips defining the assessment approaches and outlining the reasons as to why they are essential.

Formative Assessment

Interim Assessment

Summative Assessment

Clarity identifies the need to gather the data before, during and after a unit of work. The aim is to create data walls that display student growth. Essential Assessment is an online tool that provides differentiated assessment pieces and groups and provides student growth. This tool, and many others, are used to witness and plan a student’s learning journey.

God Bless,

Gillian Coote
Primary Deputy Principal

IPSSO Netball Team

Both the junior and senior girl’s netball teams have had a solid start to the IPSSO netball season. They play each week enthusiastically and are an absolute joy to coach. The girls have shown excellent team spirit and begin each week with a VERY enthusiastic team chant. Throughout both the wins and losses so far, they have encouraged each other and shown excellent sportsmanship. Our junior and senior netballers are developing their positional skills and have shown incredible persistence in both attack and defence. They support and lift their teammates but have shown great care towards players on the opposing team when they have fallen. Beyond seeing excellent and enthusiastic young netballers, the greatest joy is seeing William Carey students demonstrate the school attributes outside the school grounds and on the sports field. They are leaders and helpers, respectful, and have indeed shown themselves to be wise and brave. We’re all looking forward to seeing what else you have to show us this IPSSO netball season.

A Little Night Music

We were finally able to celebrate the musical talents of our students at our A Little Night Music event on Saturday, 6th June. Congratulations students on a wonderful evening! 

By Arielle Shenouda

Patterns in Prep

Many of the Prep children have recently been exploring the world of patterns. This mathematical experience provides students with the opportunity to develop number and algebra concepts. Patterns involve a predictable sequence that can be repeated and extended.

By Mrs Belling
Prep Director

Upcoming Events

Week 9

Monday 14th June: Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Wednesday 16th June: IPSSO Away Game

Week 10

Monday 21st June: K-6 Reports sent home

Tuesday 22nd June: Prep Mufti Day

Wednesday 23rd June: IPSSO Sport, Primary ALC ‘Shades of Shakespeare’

Thursday 24th June: K-6 Mufti Day

Friday 25th June: Last Day Term 2