From Mr Burgess

Staff Ins and Outs

As we head towards the last few weeks of the year, there are some staffing changes I wish to inform you of.


Mrs Val Sokolowski has been employed as a learning support assistant at William Carey since 1996, but her involvement with the school goes back further than that.  Mrs Sokolowski’s children were students in the early years at William Carey, and she was very involved with the school from those early days.  Mrs Sokolowski has worked across many grades, continuously upskilling herself with new programs as she worked with different ages and stages.  Her gentle but firm nature with the children saw respect from the students, but also great results as they continued to grow and achieve.  We wish Mrs Sokolowski a long and enjoyable retirement.

Mrs Charmaine Whitehead has also been a longstanding member of our learning support assistant team, having worked with us since 2003.  Mrs Whitehead has worked in numerous contexts and across various grades.  Amongst other things, a very obvious feature of Mrs Whitehead’s work is the relationships she forms with the children in her care and the impact this had on their learning.  Children learn best when they have positive relationships in the classroom, and Mrs Whitehead always ensured this was the case.  Mrs Whitehead is also looking forward to retirement, though we may see her around in a casual capacity from time to time.

Mrs Pat Loveridge hasn’t been around this year.  She took long service leave for the first half of the year (not a bad decision in hindsight) and that leave turned into retirement!  Mrs Loveridge has been working at William Carey since January 2006, teaching across a variety of grades during that time.  I always said to parents and other staff, that if you were in Mrs Loveridge’s class, then you were going to learn and learn a lot!  I realise that’s what we expect from all our classes, but with Mrs Loveridge there was something more.  She was relentless in working out where the gaps might be in a child’s learning and what needed to be done to fill them.  Mrs Loveridge would do absolutely everything in her power to ensure students left her class significantly advanced on where they went in.  This involved many extra hours of planning and work, engagement with our learning support department and a determination that every child could learn and would learn.  We wish Mrs Loveridge all the best in her retirement.


There is only one confirmed “in” at this stage; Mrs Leah Ricci, one of our regular and hardworking casuals, will be joining us full time on class in 2021.  We are very pleased that Mrs Ricci can join us and look forward to working with her in over the coming years.

In the final newsletter, I will announce the teachers on each grade for 2021, and any other information relevant to the new year. 

Classing information will be available in the week before school starts for 2021, via the App/Edumate.


Staff are busily finalising reports, and they will be available from Friday 27th November.  As with the half-yearly reports, they will be uploaded for parents to access through Edumate.  Paper copies are not being sent home.  All families will receive a Broadcast via the William Carey App, with simple steps to follow to access reports.  I will also include a “how to” in the next newsletter.

End of Year Events

We are working hard to pull together many of the usual end of year events, but sadly, with a COVID flavour.  We will be running the Year 6 Graduation Assembly, and the Presentation Assembly, but unfortunately these will not involve parents onsite.  Our talented tech team have worked out how to livestream these events, and we will add extra elements to ensure parents get to experience the assemblies as much as is possible.  Photos will be taken by staff and made available to families, and communication around how students are involved will be sent home.

The events have been modified, to follow the Government directions around students not being all packed into the hall together.  However, they will still get to be involved, again via the skills of the tech team.

Please pray for these events; that they will proceed without technical hitches, and that the students will feel valued and acknowledged appropriately through the process.

Other end of year events such as party day, etc. will be modified to comply with COVID requirements.  Detailed information will be sent home to families, outlining the steps being taken.

Upcoming Dates:

Week 6

16/11 – 20/11
Library Christmas Craft Week
Students need to return all books ASAP

Year 2 drone visit

Prep 2021 Orientation
Dress as a Disney Character Day (World Vision Fundraiser)

Year 2 Science Day

Prep 2021 Orientation

K-6 (Online) Assembly

Week 7

Prep KindiFarm Visit
Reports go online

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. 
Romans 12:12

In His service,

Robert Burgess