Full Steam Ahead!

The term is already well under way. We had a great day for our Swimming Carnival and enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of our parents at the Primary Information Evening. IPSSO teams are selected and raring to go. Before we know it, Years 5 and 6 will be heading off to their camps.

Bus Buddies

If you have a younger child who may need assistance in catching a bus to and from school, we offer the option to pair your child up with an older student to be his or her bus buddy. Bus buddies can assist younger students while on buses and help make sure children don’t miss their stops. Please contact Mrs Katzberg in the Primary Office if you would like to arrange a bus buddy for your child.

Car Lines
There seems to be a small amount of confusion regarding car lines of an afternoon. Here is a reminder of the basics for all K-6 students:

–          All students K-6 who are going home by car are walked down to the basketball courts, where they wait for their parent/carer under teacher supervision. No student has permission to do otherwise.

–          As parents/carers arrive, they park and come to the basketball courts to collect their child. If there is a High School sibling, they may come and collect the K-6 child, but only once the parent has arrived.

–          At around 3:20 pm, we move the reduced number of children up to the area around the Front Office.

–          Any children still waiting at 3:30 pm are moved to the Primary Office, for safe supervision. If they have a High School sibling, they may join them on the mounds beside the oval at this time (with parent permission).

NOTE: K-6 children do not have permission to wait on the mounds beside the oval prior to 3:30 pm, and never without a High School sibling. This is a school policy, created in consultation with Work Health and Safety staff.  Please do not ask staff for permission to do this, as the answer will be no.

Many of you have been part of our fabulous OOSH (Before and After School and Vacation Care) service.  At the moment, we are at capacity some days, so have applied to the regulator to increase our numbers.  This is not a fast process, so we ask your patience while this progresses. We will inform you as soon as the increase has been approved. Please do not ring and expect a same day placement, until this is resolved.

A number of students have been bringing food and drink in glass bottles or containers. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a number of broken containers in the playground. Please do not send in glass containers of any sort, as they become very problematic when damaged. Thank you.


Coming Soon:

Tuesday 20th February
Zone Swimming Carnival at Prairiewood Swimming Pool
Prep Welcome Morning Tea

Wednesday 21st February
New Parents’ Breakfast

Thursday 22nd February
Years 1 and 3 Gymnastics
New Parents’ Breakfast
Parent Cyber Safety Information Evening

Friday 23rd February
Prep Welcome Morning Tea

Tuesday 27th February
HICES Leadership Day

Wednesday 28th February

Thursday 1st March
Years 1 and 3 Gymnastics

Friday 2nd March
Year 1 Bee Incursion
CSSA Soccer Trials


In His service,

Robert Burgess
Deputy Primary School