From Mr Burgess

Welcome to Term 4, traditionally a very action-packed term! While COVID-19 has modified a few of the things that we like to do, we have found a way forward for most activities.  Please stay tuned to the WCCS app, to keep up to date with what is happening over the term.

Finish Well

There is no denying that 2020 has been, and continues to be, a challenging year. I am very proud of the way in which our staff have risen to the challenge to continue educating and caring for our students well, in trying circumstances. I am also proud of the way in which our students have adapted to changed circumstances and continued strongly in their education. I am incredibly thankful for the parent support that has been a key part to all of this. However, it has taken a toll. Our students are tired, they are unsettled, and understandably so. Students are less patient with each other, more easily upset and generally not themselves in some circumstances. We are working hard to balance education with wellbeing, so that we can care for the whole student. I would encourage parents and carers to be aware of this in their children and engage accordingly. Be aware that they are struggling and make the necessary adjustments. Keep us in the loop if there are things that we need to know, and we will do the same, as we work together to help the children finish the 2020 school year well.

Parents Onsite

The Government regulations regarding parents on school sites have not changed, so we are directed to keep parents off site where at all possible.  Please note the following: 

Parents ARE allowed to:

* Drop off and pick up from carlines at the front of the school

* Drop off and pick up from the back gate

* Drop off and pick up from OOSH and Prep, as directed by staff

* Go to the Uniform Shop

* Go to the Front Office

Parents ARE NOT allowed to:

* Come to the Library

* Come to the Primary Office

* Generally come any further into the body of the school

* Attend any school or sporting events

** NOTE: Late arrivals/early departures are to sign in/out at the Front Office only.

Where an exception to these rules may be allowed, please do not just assume. The School will contact you to make arrangements. If in doubt, please start at the Front Office and they will assist you.

Book Week – Term 4, Week 2

Next week, Term 4 Week 2, WCCS Primary will be celebrating Book Week and Literacy and Numeracy Week. Whilst the celebrations look different due to COVID-19 guidelines, we are excited to still carry out some wonderful activities!

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Book Fair arrived on Wednesday the 14th of October (Term 4 Week 1) and remain at school until Wednesday the 21st of October. For information about how to purchase books, please view this video which was broadcast to parents last term:

To view the Google Form for purchasing, please click here.

Please note that, depending on popularity, we may run out of stock of some books. We will advise you and re-order through Scholastic if this is the case.

Book Parade – Dress Up Day

On Friday 23rd October, students are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. The theme this year is ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’. Students will walk with their class in their costumes in front of other Primary students. Unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to have parents on site for this event. However, we will endeavour to film and photograph the event to share with families. Please ensure that your child’s dress up costume includes appropriate covered footwear (e.g. joggers) and that students can remain comfortable in their costume all day. Please ensure that younger students will be able to independently undo parts of their costume to go to the bathroom. 

Read Around the Classrooms

Next week, after recess, each class will be visited by a mystery teacher who will read aloud to them for 15-20 minutes. 

Literacy and Numeracy Week activities

As part of a national emphasis on the importance of strong literacy and numeracy skills, students will also be completing some additional activities using literacy and numeracy skills in class, such as graphing the number and types of characters in books recently read.


Historically, at this time of the year we have invited grandparents to celebrate Book Week with us on site. Whilst this is not possible this year, students are working on some special messages for grandparents over the next few weeks.

Please talk about these activities with your child during Week 2. The students are always so very excited when dressing up, we look forward to a great week ahead!

Lost Property

So much lost property… It is always our goal to reunite lost property with the rightful owner, but so much of it is unlabelled, making this very hard to do. Please always label your child’s property, and also encourage them to be more proactive in caring for it at school. Jackets are taken off and dropped on the oval, and then left there when lunch is over. Hats are tossed at bags and then blow away, to be picked up by another student. We will do our best, but please LABEL EVERYTHING. 

Year 6 Activities

Mrs Post sent home a message late last term outlining where we are heading with Year 6 activities such as graduation, dinner/dance, etc.  As you are no doubt aware, advice from the Government continues to be updated, so we will be fine-tuning these plans as the time gets closer.  Rest assured that our staff are working hard to ensure that Year 6 end the year with appropriate celebration and recognition of their achievements.

Primary Sport

There is a chance that we will be able to have some IPSSO-lite activities during Term 4, subject to appropriate arrangements being made.  Mr Nott will communicate with the teams soon, and pass on necessary details.  It won’t be a full roster of games, but most likely a few friendly matches against local schools.

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.  – Galatians 5:22

In His service,

Robert Burgess