Dear Parents and Carers, 

Throughout Term 4, the staff have had the privilege and expertise of our school Psychologists, Mrs Criminale and Mr Talbot. During our staff meetings words such as, ‘flip your lid’ or ‘emotional dysregulation,’ were often referred to, in order to describe a person’s behaviour. 

So, what do these words mean? In the Collins Dictionary, ‘Flip your lid’ means, to become extremely angry or upset about something, and lose control of yourself. While ‘emotional dysregulation,’ refers to describing an emotional response that is poorly regulated and does not fall within the traditionally accepted range of emotional reaction.

People of all ages, at some point in time, demonstrate the above behaviours. As teacher’s and loved ones, it is valuable that we work alongside the students to assist them in managing, expressing, and coping with these emotions in a healthy way. In the Primary School, during our morning assembly and Devotions, social skills and stories are always discussed and reflected upon. 

Below is a clip that explores why we lose control of our emotions, what happens to our brains, and how we can gain it back. 

God emotionally connects to each one of us, even though at times we cannot feel nor sense it. It is because of Him and wanting a relationship with Him, that we can strive to improve who we are and how we respond to others around us. 1 Peter 5:7 

God bless, 

Gillian Coote 

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Week 9

Monday 29th November to Thursday 2nd December: ALC Money, Manna or Mammon

Friday 3rd December: Year 6 Graduation Assembly, Year 6 Social, Prep Christmas Party (Prep T & Prep C), K-6 Reports to parents

Week 10

Tuesday 7th December: K-6 Mufti Day/Party Day, Prep Christmas Party (Prep E & Prep L)

Wednesday 8th December: Primary Presentation Assembly, Last day students.