From Mr Burgess

More Changes
They say that two weeks is a long time in politics, but it also seems to be the case in schools at the moment.  Since I last wrote a Newsletter article, much has changed as our State seems to be more on top of COVID-19.  Mr McMullen sent out a broadcast with a number of the changes outlined.  Here are some that have happened, or are happening soon, for Primary:

Morning Assemblies
Morning assemblies have returned to the traditional format.  The combination of meeting outside, and the short time (5 minutes or so) falls within the guidelines for assemblies.  This remains a parent-free event.  It is much nicer seeing the children face to face, rather than as specks on a screen!

Friday Assemblies
We are still not at the point of being allowed to run our Friday afternoon, or End of Term Assemblies.  Consequently, the End of Term Assembly will be another online assembly.  As with the previous assembly, this will be shared with parents to view at their leisure.

Sport is slowly returning to normal.  Over the next two weeks, Years 3 to 6 will be preparing for the restart of IPSSO in Term 3.  This will involve trials for winter teams.  IPSSO will be modified, to take into account the disruptions over the past two terms.  Term 3 will focus on winter sports, and Term 4 will return to summer sports.  While we hope to play games against as many of the IPSSO schools as possible, there will be no finals.

All major sporting events (Athletics Carnivals, etc.) are either cancelled or postponed.  There will be no Zone or State Athletics Carnivals this year.

Gymnastics will also return in Term 3.

Excursions and Incursions
These will be starting back slowly, with careful selection of activities that are supportive of curriculum goals.  We will also evaluate planned activities based on social distancing and hygiene requirements.

Music Tutors, Allied Health, Prac Teachers and Other Visitors
Most of these will recommence at the beginning of Term 3.  All visitors to WCCS will be required to go through a process ensuring that they are healthy and safe to have on site.

We are also allowed to have prac teachers back onsite, subject to them meeting appropriate health requirements.  Our first group of prac teachers will be arriving mid-August.

K-6 reports will be available before the end of this term.  As they have been impacted by “COVID-times”, they will obviously look a bit different to usual.  We were also in the process of updating reports, prior to all of this happening, so there are some other changes there as well.  Of particular note is the fact that K-6 reports will be uploaded to the Parent Portal, not printed and sent home.  Previous reports have been uploaded for the past few years, but this will be the first time that there will be no accompanying paper copy.  More information will come home soon outlining how parents can access these reports.

Student Absences
We are now back to marking rolls as usual.  All students need to be present, or they are marked absent with whichever explanation is valid (sickness, approved leave, etc.).  Absence notes are required as soon as possible after the absence, and certainly within seven days.  Parents can also choose to deal with absences directly through the Parent Portal.  A reminder that the NSW Government directs schools to request a medical certificate for illness absences of three days or more.

Everything Else
Most other things will stay the same for the time being.  Car park arrangements, parents engaging with the school via the Front Office etc. all need to continue as is.  We will continue with our current hygiene practices, as we seek to keep everyone healthy and well.

The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?  Psalm 27:1

In His service,
Robert Burgess