From the Primary Deputy

Welcome to 2018 at William Carey.  I trust people have had enjoyable and relaxing holidays.  If you are new to William Carey this year, please make yourself known at one of the numerous welcomes we have over the next few weeks.

The main newsletter contribution for this week is a combined effort from Primary and High School, and I would encourage everyone to read it.

We are endeavouring to provide dates for our school community in advance, so there are three main ways to do this, which are outlined below.

Click here to find a list of all Sport activities K-6, for the entire year.  Obviously, there will be a few minor additions and changes over the year, but the list should be 95% complete.  Please keep this somewhere safe, so you know what is coming up and check for updates in the Newsletter.

All currently known P-6 events, sport and otherwise, have been entered onto the Edumate (Parent Portal) calendar.  If you don’t know how to access this, or need your password reset, please email for assistance.  This calendar includes assemblies, camps, excursions, etc.  It is updated over the year, as new events are created and confirmed.

Each Newsletter will also contain fortnightly updates (coming soon), while the first newsletter each term will have some key events for the term.

Coming Soon:

Tuesday 6th February
Primary Parent Information Evening (note with full details coming)

Wednesday 7th February
IPSSO Trials

Thursday 8th February
Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival at Macquarie Fields Leisure Centre

Wednesday 14th February

Thursday 15th February
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3

Friday 16th February
K-6 Assembly, 2pm in the hall – Kindergarten and Year 6 items


Term 1 Key Events:
Tuesday 20th February
Zone Swimming Carnival

Thursday 22nd February
eSafety Parent Seminar

Monday 5th March
State Swimming Carnival

Thursday 8th March
Prep Meet the Teacher (1)

Friday 9th March
K-6 Assembly, 2pm in the hall – Year 1 and Year 3 items
K-2 Dance

Tuesday 13th March
Prep Meet the Teacher (2)

Friday 23rd March
K-6 Photo Day

Tuesday 27th March
Years 3-6 Parent/Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 28th March
Years K-2 Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thursday 29th March
Easter Assembly, 9am in the hall

Wed 4th to Fri 6th April
Year 5 Hill End Camp (All classes)
Year 6 Teen Ranch Camp

Thursday 12th April
K-6 Mufti Day

Friday 13th April
Last Day Term 1
K-6 Assembly, 9am in the hall – Year 2 and Year 3 item