From Mrs Coote

End of Term 2

Thank you for all your support throughout this term. We have had several events where our families have been welcomed back into William Carey Christian School. It was terrific to see everyone be a part of our various celebrations. We look forward to continuing this next semester. 

I pray that you have a peaceful and relaxing time over the break with your loved ones. God encourages us to make time to rest in His presentence (Exodus 33:14). We look forward to seeing all the fresh faces in Term 3.   

Message from the Deputy Primary

Learning Walks and Talks (LW&T) allows students to articulate what they know about learning. The idea behind them is that throughout the learning process, teachers need to make sure that their students understand what they are learning (W.A.L.T) and what the teacher is looking for (W.I.L.F). Both were discussed back in week four of this term, and the need for success criteria to be evident in the classroom. 

Throughout Term 2, the staff planned the LW&T. During this time, the following questions were asked:

· What are you learning?

· How are you doing?

· How do you know?

· How can you improve?

· Where do you go for help?

The conversations generated lead to more in-depth planning and decision-making. Staff reflect on what is successful and what required more attention. Our goal in Primary School, it that LW&T will become another approach for teaching teams to continue to grow.  

Student Parent Photos

It was been a joy seeing the many families coming back to school to be a part of our learning journey. It is understood that photos are a wonderful way of recognising and document these events. It is shared on the day, but could you please make sure that these pictures do not appear on Social Media, due to student privacy. Images of the activity do appear on William Carey Christian School Facebook page.

Term 3 Dates for Newsletter

Week 1 
19/07 Monday: First day back of school for Prep-6, Gymnastics Years K and 5
21/07 Wednesday: Primary IPSSO – Away game

Week 2
26/07 Monday: Gymnastics Years K and 5
28/07 Wednesday: Primary IPSSO – Away game
29/07 Thursday: Year 1 Australian Botanic Garden Excursion, CSSA Primary Boys State Football Finals, CSSA Primary Girls Netball Finals

Week 3 
02/08 Monday: Gymnastics Years K and 5, Primary Zone Athletics Carnival
04/08 Wednesday: Primary IPSSO – Home game

Week 4
09/08 Monday: Gymnastics Years K and 5, CSSA Primary State Athletics
11/08 Wednesday: Primary IPSSO – Home game
13/08 Friday: Prep-2 Mini Olympics, Primary Assembly 2pm

Week 5
16/08 Monday: Gymnastics Years K and 5

God Bless,
Gillian Coote
Primary Deputy Principal