From Mr Burgess

Who’s Who in 2021

Subject to any unforeseen changes over the holidays, I would like to announce the class teachers for 2021.

Mrs J Bootsma
Mrs K Campbell
Mrs D Connellan
Mrs J Hingston
Miss A Jones

Year 1
Mrs S Horner
Miss E Murada
Mr J Neggo
Mrs L Ricci
Mrs C Stone

Year 2
Mrs L Cooper
Mr J Coscia
Miss R Sanders
Miss D Solomon

Year 3
Mr S Cooper
Mrs A Dye
Mr C Harrison
Mrs K Pitman

Year 4
Miss L Grinsell
Mrs S Hall/Mrs K Fredericks
Mrs J Napper
Mr M Nott

Year 5
Mr J du Plooy
Mr W Forrester
Mr C McCleary/Mrs L Rowlands

Year 6
Mrs K Beasant
Mr M Burns
Miss P Corderoy
Mr D Hudson

Deputy Principal – Mrs Gillian Coote
P-2 ALC – Mrs M McGrath
EALD – Mrs R Wright
ADP and Head of Support and Student Wellbeing
Mrs M McCleary (expanded role)

Mrs Shaw and Mrs Post will continue along in their current roles of Primary ADPs.

There is still work being done with allocating classes, so this information is not available yet.  Our intention is to have this available through Edumate before school commences for 2021.  When this information is available, a Broadcast will be sent to all families via the School App.


Reports will all be uploaded by the end of the day on Friday 27th November. To access the reports, you need to do the following:

1. On a computer (not the App) open Edumate.  You can go HERE then select Edumate from the top row of icons.
2. Log in using your username and password (same as for the WCCS App).
3. Go to “My Edumate”
4. Select “Progress”
5. Select “Academic Reports” from the menu that appears.
6. Select the child whose report you wish to view.
              – Child’s name is at the top of the tab

If your child’s report is not there, please contact the Primary Office.
NOTE: Reports for past years are available in this location as well.

Final Assemblies

The dates for our final assemblies are below.  We will send out information electronically to all relevant people before the day, so you can access the assemblies online.

Upcoming Events/Dates:

Week 8

Monday 30th November
Year 6 Graduation (Online)
Year 6 Dinner/Dance

Tuesday 1st December
Prep Christmas Party (1)

Wednesday 2nd December
K-6 Mufti Day and Party Day

Remember, COVID regulations require students to either bring their own food or individually packaged food which will be distributed by the teacher.

Thursday 3rd December
Prep Christmas Party (2)
Presentation Day Assembly (Online)
Last day for students

Friday 4th December
Last day for staff


Monday 18th to Friday 22nd January
Staff Development Week

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th January
School Closed

Wednesday 27th January
Years 1-6, 7, 11 and 12 commence

Thursday 28th January
Prep, Kindergarten, Years 8-10 commence

My Final Thoughts…

This will be my last newsletter article for the William Carey community, so I wanted to say farewell. 

I thought I would start by answering some of the questions I have been asked (a lot!) since I announced my resignation:

Q) Are you retiring?
A) No.  I still have many good working years left in me.

Q) What are you going to do next year?
A) At this stage, I don’t know.  I am taking Term 1 as long service leave and will explore options during that time.  God has it in hand.

Q) Did COVID push you over the edge?  (My favourite and most frequent question!)
A) No.  It has been a challenging year, for all our community, but COVID challenges played no part in my decision.

Q) Then why are you leaving?
A) Simply put – it’s time.  Time for someone new in Primary at William Carey, and time for a change for me.

So, how do I cover 31 years in one, short(ish) article?  Not easily, but I’ll give it a go.


As with most people, I went into teaching because I love working with children.  This has not changed over the years; if anything, it has grown.  As I have had less involvement in the classroom, I have come to really cherish the times I get to spend directly working with children. 

The biblical truth that underpins what I try to do each day, is that each child before me is created in the image of God.  This truth teaches me that each and every child has immense value and should be treated accordingly.  While this is not something I have always got right, it is a constant reminder to me of who I am working with; image bearers of our God.

I have learnt so much from the children over the years.  From the way they support and care for their friends to the simple prayers they pray, without any of the pretence that we adults often feel compelled to add.  I have often been humbled by the genuine way in which they approach life.  Hopefully I have taught them a few things along the way too, and not just dad jokes!

A HUGE thank you to the children for all of the lovely letters they have written to me over the past few weeks.  I am not too proud to confess that many brought a tear to my eye, as I read the kind words.  It was particularly overwhelming that many of the letters contained specific memories of interactions between me and the child writing.  These are precious memories that I will take with me.


Each day, parents and carers entrust their children into our care, and this is not a responsibility that I take lightly.  William Carey can only be successful if it is a partnership between school and home, and I can honestly say that 99% of the time that is how it operates.  It is a great encouragement to be able to talk through an issue with a family, knowing that we share the common goal of wanting the best for the children.  We can share differing opinions, sometimes strongly, but still end up working together. 

The number of times a parent has just made a quick encouraging comment, or noted something that went well, has been a real blessing as we go about our work.  Thank you for partnering with us, with me, as we seek to serve you and your children.


It’s probably best that I don’t refer to past few weeks when I talk about staff.  Let’s just say that my colleagues have an interesting, and prolonged, way of farewelling me…

I count it as a huge blessing to be able to come to work each day and work alongside such dedicated and godly people.  We are all different, yet we share the common goals of knowing and loving God and wanting the best for the children at William Carey.  The staff at William Carey see their work as much more than a job, and this shows in their diligence and in their care for the children.  I have learnt so much working alongside this amazing group of people, and they bless me daily in how they go about their job.  It is not an exaggeration to say that leaving them is like leaving family.

The Primary executive and admin team is amazing!  The way the different skills and talents combine to run the Primary Department is the reason why I can do my job.

I have been privileged to work under three amazing Principals in my time at William Carey.  Each had a different approach to the role, but each supported me equally and strongly as I sought to lead the Primary School.  Their wisdom and grace, along with the trust they placed in me, is greatly appreciated.

William Carey is a P-12 school, and I must acknowledge the High School senior leadership who have always worked hard to ensure that P-6 was not left behind as big decisions were made.

I also want to acknowledge the Board.  William Carey only exists, and will only continue to exist, due to the hard work of the often unheralded men and women who, under God, serve the entire school community.  They are unpaid yet put in long hours to stay on top of all the legislative and other requirements needed to run a school.  They show up at events, cook BBQs and generally support the school in every way they can.  Thank you, past and present Board members!


As I depart, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, gifts and encouragement over the past weeks.  While I am still certain that this is the right time for a change, I am all the more aware of what I am leaving and will greatly miss!

As usual, God has gone before us and provided an amazing new Primary Deputy in Mrs Gillian Coote.  I am confident that Mrs Coote will be a blessing to the school, and I am equally confident that she will find an encouraging and supportive community to welcome her to William Carey.

I leave you with the following encouragement from God’s Word:

23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23-34

In His Service,
Robert Burgess