From the Primary Deputy

Staff Updates
I have a number of exciting staff changes to announce:

Firstly, Mrs Sarah Taylor from Prep has left for maternity leave, as she and her husband await the birth of their first child.  Some shuffling has occurred in Prep to replace Mrs Taylor.  Mrs Debby Elachy will teach the Monday to Wednesday class, with Mrs Chanelle Lim teaching the Thursday and Friday class.  We have also employed Mrs Kylie Kelich as a Learning Support Aide Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Jo-Anne Law will be working an extra two days.  Please join us in praying for Mr and Mrs Taylor at this exciting time in their lives, as well as for the new staff in Prep.

Secondly, Miss Rebekah Lillington (Primary EALD) is getting married this Saturday to Mr James Wright from our High School Science department.  When she returns next term, it will be our delight to welcome Mrs Wright to the Primary staff!


Primary School reports go home on Monday 2nd July.  If you don’t receive one for your child, please contact the class teacher or Primary Office.  Soon after, the reports are also uploaded to Edumate, so parents can access them via the Parent Portal.  As usual, there is no formal interview time this term, however, you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher to clarify anything contained in the report.  The next Primary interviews are held on Tuesday 11th (Years 3 to 6) and Wednesday 12th (Kinder to Year 2) of September.


As discussed earlier in the year, the school has switched to a whole school student awards system.  While the mechanics of the system is fairly common amongst schools, we hope that we have put a distinctive William Carey emphasis on the attributes we are encouraging our students to demonstrate.

Briefly, the system works as follows:
Students can receive a Teacher’s Award in class, for demonstrating one of the attributes.  The awards accrue:

–          Five Teacher’s Awards leads to a Bronze Award, handed out by the applicable Stage Coordinator.

–          Three Bronze Awards leads to a Silver Award, handed out by the Deputy Principal.

–          Three Silver Awards leads to a Gold Award, handed out by our Principal, Mr McMullen.

The system is not based on a calendar year, so awards continue to accrue as students move up the grades.

The attributes we are encouraging students to aim for in the Primary School are:

–          Be a Learner

–          Be a Team Member

–          Be Respectful

–          Be a Leader and Helper

–          Be Wise and Brave

Each of these attributes have sub-sections, which are discussed both in class and also during our regular devotion spots in morning assemblies. This new system is being brought in over the remainder of this year, with the existing system being phased out.  Consequently, there will be some crossover for the remainder of this year.

There will be more information in upcoming Newsletters.


Coming Soon:

Monday 2nd July
Years 3 to 6 Reports go home
Pulse18 WCCS Dance Concert – 6pm in the hall

Tuesday 3rd July
Prep Mufti Day (1)

Wednesday 4th July

Thursday 5th July
K to Year 6 Mufti Day

Friday 6th July    
Last Day Term 2
K-6 Assembly – 9am in the hall
Prep Mufti Day (2)

Monday 23rd July – Friday 27th July
Staff Development Week – no student attendance

Monday 30th July
First Day Term 3
Gymnastics Kindergarten and Year 5

Tuesday 31st July
ICAS English Competition

Wednesday 1st August
IPSSO – WCCS vs. St Marks

1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1

In His Service,

Robert Burgess
Primary Deputy