Dear Parents and Carers,

It is hard to believe that this will be the last Newsletter for 2021! It is the time of the year where we rejoice in the birth of Jesus. It is through faith in Him, that we have eternal life. John 3:16 reads: “For God loved the world in this way: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. This is truly a gift to celebrate!

The students, parents, carers, and staff have worked tirelessly throughout the year, and can I thank you all for this! Please enjoy your upcoming break with your loved ones. It is my prayer that it is a time spent relaxing and refreshing. 

God bless,

Gillian Coote  

Year 4 – Motiv8 Sports 

Year 4 Fun Day by Phoenix and Melissa 4HF

The Motiv8 Sports team planned many games for Year 4 to do, such as, Sponge Wars, Water Gun Ping Pong, Slip and Slide, Japanese Blindfolds, Treasure Hunts, Dance Fights and many more. Year 4 had so much fun doing all of these activities. Motiv8 is a company that plans activities, fun and sports for children to do. We also had some amazing dance offs too!

Year 4 students’ comments on the day:

‘I liked the slip and slide the best and the water gun ping pong mini game.’

‘It was such a sunny day; I didn’t mind getting wet.’

‘I enjoyed the water play and sports.’

‘I enjoyed the water play, especially the slip and slide.’

‘I personally feel that the Year 4 Fun Day was exciting and fun. It was a good way to jump back from lame remote learning and get some fresh new ways to have fun and exercise. I especially enjoyed the water games, although I did get saturated.’

‘The slip and slide was the best. I loved how sunny it was. The Japanese Blindfold was the best!’

Overall, the Fun Day incursion was enjoyed, with many students coming home with smiles on their faces. So, I think we should all thank our teachers and Motiv8 Sports for planning such a great day for us to enjoy. 

PS. Most students got soaked!!

Year 6 Aquatopia 

Splash! Flop! Whoosh!

That’s just some of the sounds that were generated by Year 6 during the Year 6 Fun Day as we all visited Aquatopia Waterpark on Thursday 25th of November. 

For a short while, it looked as though our excursion was in peril, as multiple lightning storms were predicted on everybody’s iPhones…. But hurrah! There was no lighting…only a very light drizzle, and a lovely warm day with tops of 26 degrees. This was a real answer to prayer. 

What a great day we all had. Not me of course. I, personally, was stuck in a tube for a minute or so…terrified that Mr Hudson was going to come barreling down behind me like an out of control freight train. However, the students (more importantly) really enjoyed themselves. Here are some of their comments:

Robert Riley: My favourite slide was definitely the orange white and yellow one. It was wide open and fun to ride. 

Andile Nkomo: My favourite slide was on the tower…the big one! It was the most severe. You just drop straight down!

Darcy Maher: Mine was the same as Andile’s. I had a great time creating a big splash. I’m going to miss my friends in Year 6. Plus the teachers in Year 6 are amazing. Year 6FTW!  

You might have to google FTW. I did. 

It’s been a great, though challenging, year. The Year 6 teachers will miss the students as well.

God bless, 

Mr Burns and the Year 6 Teachers.

Upcoming Events

Week 10

Tuesday 7th December: K-6 Mufti Day/Party Day, Prep Christmas Party (Prep E & Prep L)

Wednesday 8th December: Primary Presentation Assembly; Last day for students.