From Mr Burgess

Thank You!

I hesitate to type this, but I think we have just made it through two weeks without any major school-related announcements!  Thank you so much to our WCCS community for your engagement and support as we have transitioned back to school full time.  It has been challenging, both for teachers and students (and parents too I’m sure), as we reacquaint ourselves and work out where we have all been over the past months.

A huge thank you to the Kindergarten to Year 2 families who made it possible for us to run the Parent/Teacher Interviews last week.  This was something the staff really wanted to do but wouldn’t have been able to achieve without your support.  We trust it was a profitable time for our families.

Thank you also for your constant words of encouragement and support.  We know how hard this season has been for working families, and greatly appreciate the fact that so many of you have taken the time to ring/write/email to offer a kind word.

Please Keep Moving in the Carpark

The carpark continues to be a challenge, as a majority of our families continue to travel to and from school by private transport.  The morning seems to be working fairly well, but the afternoon is still challenging.  Below is a reminder of the times for pickup, depending on your circumstance.  Please adhere to these as closely as possible, to ensure a smooth running carpark.  Please also leave promptly, once you have picked up your children.  As much as we love to see our families chatting, the front oval is currently not the right place for this to happen.

Afternoon Car Travel

• Primary students will be brought to carlines at 2:45 pm – Primary only families are encouraged to arrive from this time

• Families with both Primary and High School students are encouraged to arrive at 3:10 pm, when High School students will end the school day

• High School only families are encouraged to delay pick up until 3:20 pm




Current Morning Assemblies

Morning assemblies have taken an interesting turn.  I am now being beamed into 28+ classrooms each morning, to make my usual announcements.  It is very strange sitting in my office, and seeing thumbnail sized classes looking back at me through my computer screen.  Of particular note was the morning where I was greeted by many cat masks, accompanied by meowing…  Mrs Wright continues to present great devotions to the children, via the same technology.  I’m not sure if I will come to like this method of communication, but it is serving us well at the moment.

Cross Country

Congratulations to all of the students who managed to complete the virtual Cross Country Carnival.  I was very impressed with the obvious determination shown, as well as the support provided by families.  If nothing else, this season is encouraging great creativity and resilience.

Smart Watches

A reminder that our school ICT policy clearly states that Smart Watches, or similar, are not allowed.

Mobile Phones/Smart Watches (anything that can send/receive communication)

Mobile Phones must be turned off and out of sight.  Smart Watches and similar devices (i.e. ones that can send or receive mobile communication) are not allowed at school.

A number of students have been wearing such watches and using them to communicate while on school grounds.  Could you please ensure that your child does not wear or use a Smart Watch while at school.

Remainder of the Term

The rest of the term looks pretty much the same as the past two weeks.  We are not anticipating any changes from the government, so things will continue as-is with attendance, carpark, parents on site, etc.  Our creative staff continue to work out ways in which they can replace traditional school activities, so please look forward to our upcoming virtual assembly.  More details soon.

As mentioned last newsletter, we are planning an online incursion (live musical performance) later this term, for the upper Primary grades.  More details to come.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesians 2:10

In His service,

Robert Burgess
Deputy Principal – Primary School