From Mrs Coote

Term 4, as like every other year, will be busy with many events and preparations. As you would know, this term sees the teaching planning and preparing for reports. Unlike other years, 2021 Semester 2 Reports will look slightly different. For the majority of last semester, the students have been learning from home. Though we understand and appreciate that families have undertaken remote learning with the best of efforts and intentions, we also must recognise that their child’s learning will be more greatly supported under the trained expertise of their classroom teachers, who miss them dearly! The gathering of helpful data in this learning period can pose some issues as well. Consequently, the staff acknowledged this and have gone about making some adjustments to the upcoming reports.

Throughout remote learning, the teachers have continued to make observations through class discussions and questioning, student feedback and participation, and the daily activities they have been taught and completed. Each of these has been invaluable. They have given insight into how they have been absorbing the content of the learning tasks. When combined, each of the above has allowed the teachers to see how the students have been growing and progressing in their knowledge and understanding.

Your continued support and ongoing commitment to the school and your child’s education have played a significant role this semester. We can celebrate that the staff, parents, and students have truly worked together. A united front has aimed to see the best outcomes for all the children attending William Carey.

God bless,
Mrs Gillian Coote