From Mr Burgess

Parent Nights

We have a number of excellent parent nights coming up over the first half of the year.  They are:

Monday 24th February – YSAFE Parent Seminar.  This is a very “real” presentation regarding the online world and your child.  Delivered by professionals in a variety of related fields, this night is for parents with children of all ages. From 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday 16th March – ELEVATE.  Aimed more at parents of High School students, this seminar helps with strategies and techniques around study habits.  From 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday 14th May – Anxiety and Anxious Christians.  A biblically based look into anxiety and how we can help those suffering from it.  For parents with children of all ages.  From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Everything is Online!

Thank you to our parents for picking up and running with the changes we are making to communication from the school.  I hope you are finding receiving and replying to information from the school faster and easier.  As mentioned previously, our goal is to be completely paper free by March this year.  Here are a few tips we have picked up, for parents who might be having trouble receiving or responding to information:

– Do you have the school App?  This is the means through which a majority of information will be sent.

– Have you turned on notifications within the App? You need to go to the settings cog on the bottom right and activate all three notifications.

– Do we have your up to date email address?  If not, please see Mrs Katzberg in the Primary Office to update.

– Please ensure you respond to all information requested. Often there are permissions for an event as well as further information required regarding that event.

Please let us know if there are any problems with accessing the information we are sending home.  We are happy to help.


Families that were with us last year will know that we are changing how we do reports.  The biggest change is the fact that we are now sending assessment information along the way, rather than just at half yearly and yearly report time.  Each grade is doing this in a slightly different way, as is appropriate for the ages and expectations of our students.

Over the term, work will be sent home with an assessment sheet indicating how well the students have accomplished the assessed task.  Parents will be informed when this is coming, again through the WCCS App.  Please continue providing feedback to us regarding this process, as we seek to provide relevant and timely information to our families.

Coming Soon:

Monday 17th February                  
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3 – Students wear sport uniform

Wednesday 19th February           
IPSSO – WCCS vs. St Marks (Home Games)

Friday 21st February                       
K-6 Assembly – Year 6 and Year 1 items

Monday 24th February                  
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3 – Students wear sport uniform
Primary Zone Swimming Carnival
YSAFE Parent Seminar

In His service,
Robert Burgess