A Message from the Primary Deputy

The Year is Underway!
The term is already well under way.  We had a great day for our Swimming Carnival, as well as enjoying the opportunity to meet many of our parents at the Primary Information Evening.  IPSSO teams are selected and we have held our first matches.  Before we know it, Years 5 and 6 will be heading off to their camps.

As parents are no doubt aware, we have changed the arrangements for our Primary Camps, to better align with syllabus outcomes.  For this year, the details are as follows:

Year 4                    Excursion and school based activities – dates to be confirmed.

Year 5                    Attending Teen Ranch at Cobbitty from Wednesday 3rd April to Friday 5th April.

Year 6                    Going to Canberra for a variety of activities from Wednesday 13th March to Friday 15th March.

Car Lines
As we move into the year, it is helpful to have a reminder of the car lines expectations for all K-6 students:

  • All students from K-6 who are going home by car are walked down to the basketball courts, where they wait for their parent/carer under teacher supervision. No student has permission to do otherwise.  Note that students are not picked up at the classroom or in the Primary Quad.
  • As parents/carers arrive, they park and come to the basketball courts to collect their child. If there is a High School sibling, they may come and collect the K-6 child, but only once the parent/carer has arrived.
  • At around 3:20 pm, we move the reduced number of children up to the area around the Front Office.
  • Any children still waiting at 3:30 pm are moved to the Primary Office, for safe supervision. If they have High School siblings, they may join them on the mounds beside the oval at this time (with parent permission).

NOTE: K-6 children do not have permission to wait on the mounds beside the oval prior to 3:30 pm, and never without a High School sibling.  This is a School policy, created in consultation with Work Health and Safety staff.  Please do not ask staff for permission to do this, as the answer will be no.

Students in all Primary classes have been reminded by their teachers of our safety expectations when travelling by school bus.  In brief, the expectations are:

At the bus stop (AM):

–              Standing well back from the road while waiting for the bus to arrive

–              Not moving towards the bus until it has stopped and doors are open

–              Entering and then sitting down.

At bus lines:

–              Remaining seated until their bus is called

–              Lining up on edge of the grass until directed by a teacher to move onto the concrete towards the bus

–              Entering single file and sitting down.

On the bus:

–              ALWAYS seated, with no wandering around AT ALL

–              Seat belts used if they are available

–              Seated in the front half of the bus

–              Talking quietly

–              NEVER throwing anything around.

If there are bus problems, tell your teacher the next day.

A number of students have been bringing food and drink in glass bottles or containers.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in some broken containers in the playground, creating a dangerous situation.  Please do not send in glass containers of any sort, as they become very problematic when damaged.  Thank you.

Coming Soon:
Monday 18th February
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3 – Students wear sport uniform
Primary Zone Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 20th February

Thursday 21st February
After School Cricket (for those who have signed up)

Friday 22nd February
K-6 Assembly – 2:00 pm in the hall (Items from Year 1 and Year 6)
CIS Boys and Girls Basketball trials

Monday 25th February
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3 – Students wear sport uniform
CIS Boys and Girls Tennis trials

Tuesday 26th February
HICES Leadership Day for Primary PALS
HICES Debating at Inaburra

Wednesday 27th February to Friday 1st March
Visiting students from Trinity Grammar running Gospel presentations

Wednesday 27th February

Thursday 28th February
After School Cricket (For those who have signed up)

Friday 1st March
CSSA Boys’ Soccer Trials
K-2 Dance from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm in the school hall – Tropical Theme

Monday 4th March
Gymnastics Years 1 and 3 – Students wear sport uniform

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

In His Service,

Robert Burgess
Primary Deputy