From the Primary Deputy

Year 6 Events
We had a great time at our Year 6 BBQ last week.  We enjoyed the company of many of our current Year 6 families, as well as new families who will be joining us for Year 7 in 2020.  Parents were treated to some insights about programs that are running in the High School, as well as a nicely cooked BBQ meal to end the evening.  We will be running a number of such events over the year, so please keep an eye on the calendar for dates.  If you know of any families still deciding about Year 7 for 2020, please let us know so that we can invite them along.

Year 6 Camp
Year 6 are currently enjoying their camp in Canberra.  As discussed previously, we have rejigged our camps program, to better align with curriculum changes.  Consequently, Year 6 are now enjoying Questacon, Parliament House and numerous other sites that Canberra has to offer.

Signing In and Out
As a large school, it is imperative that we can always account for where our students are.  To do so, we have some systems in place, as outlined below:

Signing In:
If your child arrives to school after morning assembly has completed, he/she is required to attend the Primary Office to be signed in.  If students do not do this, they will most likely appear as absent on the school roll, and an absence explanation will be requested from parents.  If your child is late, and not accompanied by an adult or carrying a note, parents will also be requested to provide an explanation.  Please do not allow your child to go directly to the classroom if he/she is late.

Singing Out:
In most circumstances, if you are picking up your child prior to 3:00 pm, they must be signed out from the Front Office.  A note to the teacher, or phone call to the Primary Office, will inform us of the time he/she needs to leave, and we will have your child waiting for you inside the Front Office.  Children are not to be picked up from classrooms.

If you are picking your child up from an event, whether on school grounds or off, there is still an important procedure to follow.

On site (e.g. early finishing IPSSO match) you need to follow the usual procedure of signing your child out at the Front Office.

Off site (again, possibly an IPSSO match) you need to have your child’s name marked off with the supervising teacher.

There is no circumstance in which a child may leave school grounds prior to 3:00 pm without being signed out.

Thank you for your support with these processes, as we seek to care for your children.

Primary Photo Day
Primary Photo Day is coming up on Friday 22nd March.  If you wish to order a photo package, please either go online, or use the photo envelope provided.  All children have a class and individual photo taken, regardless of whether an order has been placed.

It is also sibling photo day for students with surnames starting A-K, in Prep to Year 12.  Sibling photos are optional and are taken at lunchtime in the hall.  You will need to request a separate envelope from the Primary Office if you wish to arrange this.  Please ensure your children know they are having a photo taken, and that they must report to the hall at lunchtime.

Parent/Teacher Interviews
Parent/Teacher interviews are also coming up very soon (dates below).  All parents should have received either a note explaining how to book interviews through PTO, or a letter arranging an IP interview.  If you have not received one or the other, please contact the Primary Office ASAP so we can assist.  We look forward to the opportunity of catching up with parents and carers on these nights.

Coming Soon:

Friday 15th March    
Prep Mufti Day (2)

Monday 18th March
Gymnastics for Years 1 and 3

Wednesday 20th March
IPSSO – WCCS vs. St Mary’s

Thursday 21st March
Paul Kelly Cup – AFL Gala Day (Selected teams attending)
CRU FIT Leadership Training Afternoon at Thomas Hassall
After School Cricket

Friday 22nd March     
K-6 School Photos and A-K Surname Sibling Photos (P-12)

Monday 25th March
Gymnastics for Years 1 and 3

Tuesday 26th March
Years 3-6 Parent/Teacher Interviews (NOT 4HF)

Wednesday 27th March     
Years K-2 Parent/Teacher Interviews (AND 4HF)

Thursday 28th March        
Years 2-6 Athletics Carnival at Campbelltown Athletics Track


I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.  Psalm 91:1

In His service,

Robert Burgess