From the Primary Deputy

We are in the middle of NAPLAN 2018, and it’s a case of, “so far, so good.” The online format of NAPLAN was optional for schools in 2018, but we have found it to be a smooth and engaging process. Students have even reported having fun, which is a surprising response indeed.  If you have any feedback, I would appreciate hearing from you. We have been advised that NAPLAN reports should be available for parents around mid-August.

As I type this, our final Primary camp for 2018 is taking place. 4C and 4J are at the Maritime Museum, before spending the night at school and carrying out other activities tomorrow. The camps have all gone well, and I thank parents for their support and involvement.

Is That Your Child?
As you can imagine, keeping track of the whereabouts of 1400 children is a large task. Consequently, the school has many procedures in place to ensure the children are safe at all times.  There are a few things I would ask parents to do, to assist in this process:

1) Please never take another child with you of an afternoon, unless the school is fully aware of the arrangements. If another parent has contacted you and asked for you to pick up their child, there should be paperwork accompanying this request, and please have a conversation with the car lines teacher at pick up.

2) Please never allow another child to go through a gate you open, unless they are accompanied by their parent. Likewise, be aware if your child’s friends are following you as you leave (they do it!), and direct/accompany them back to lines.

3) Please don’t congregate around the car lines end of the oval once you have picked up your child. This makes it very tricky for staff to tell who has and hasn’t been picked up. If you wish to stay and chat with other parents, please move well away from car lines.

4) Please don’t allow your child to run around the oval after they have been picked up. This encourages younger children to join them, and causes great confusion at car lines. Once you have picked up your child, they must remain close by, under your direct supervision.

Thank you for your assistance, as we seek to care for all of the children at William Carey.

Thank You
Thank you to the many students, and parents, who welcomed me back after my extended leave. My wife and I had a wonderful time away, initially in France to commemorate a family member’s World War One sacrifice, and then in Scotland, chasing up family history and enjoying endless castles, cathedrals and lochs. It’s good to be back, and I can’t thank Mrs Post and Mrs Shaw enough for all the amazing work they, and other staff, did in my absence.

Coming Soon:

Mon 21st to Fri 25th May

Wednesday 23rd May

Thursday 24th May
2C and 2H Wollondilly Heritage Centre Excursion

Tuesday 29th May
Year 3 Zoo Excursion

Wednesday 30th May     

Thursday 31st May
HS Photo Day and L-Z Family Photos

Friday 1st June
CSSA Cross Country Carnival


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. – Psalm 118:1

In His Service.

Robert Burgess
Deputy Principal – Primary