From Mr Burgess

Parent/Teacher Interviews on Microsoft Teams

Our usual Term 3 Parent/Teacher Interviews are coming up soon.  Details are:
* Years 3-6            Tuesday 8th September                3:30 pm to 8:30 pm
* Years K-2            Wednesday 9th September          3:30 pm to 8:30 pm

The times are a little different to usual, due to COVID restrictions and how we are (or are not) allowed to group students.  NOTE that all interviews will again be by Microsoft Teams.

An email will come home early next week with your login details.  This will be the same email that we use to send the MS Teams information.  Edumate selects this email from addresses that you have provided to the school, but we can’t direct which parent’s address it will be.  Please make sure all email address on Edumate are accurate and are checked for this information.

Parents do not need to prepare for the interviews.  You will be sent a link which you simply click at your interview time, and you will be brought into a meeting with the teacher.

Some parents who had IP interviews in the first half of the year, will only require teacher interviews for this time.  A separate email is coming home if this impacts you.

Athletics Carnival

The Carnival is looking good to go ahead on Thursday 27th August.  A few changes have been made to ensure compliance with recent COVID changes.  The BBQ will be going ahead, under very carefully monitored conditions.  All orders need to be in by Monday 24th August – no extension possible.

This link will allow you to order (for Years 2 to 6 only).

Please note that no parents are allowed onsite at all for the carnival.  This includes the front carpark.


More COVID requirements were placed on schools recently.  If you have not seen the Broadcast from Mr McMullen, please check your notifications on the WCCS App.  The biggest changes impacting Primary students are:

* No offsite or interschool sport for Term 3
* No singing (very sad for our younger grades!)
* Minimised mixing across grades, which has meant the postponing of some activities.

The bigger changes, or reinforced points, are:

* Students must not come to school if they are unwell. Even with very mild symptoms.
* If a student has been absent due to flu like illness or develops flu like symptoms while at school, they are not to return to school until they have a negative COVID-19 test and are symptom free.
* Notify the school when a student has received a COVID-19 test by emailing the Principal’s Executive Assistant (Ms Paula Boardman) via
* The negative COVID-19 test result must be sighted and received by the school before the student returns to school. This can be done by emailing details to the address above.

We are making tentative arrangements for some of our usual Term 4 activities, in the hope that they can proceed in some capacity.  Activities such as Book Fair/Book Week, as well as our usual end of year activities, are being considered.  We will keep you up to date as new information comes to hand.


Some children are choosing to wear masks to school, and that is fine.  However, the younger children do not understand the correct use, often taking their mask off, handing it to friends, etc.  If you are sending your child to school with a mask, please ensure they know how to wear it correctly, and also that they understand appropriate hygiene practices.

Let wise people listen and add to what they have learned. Let those who understand what is right get guidance.  Proverbs 1:5

In His service,
Robert Burgess