From Mr Burgess

We Made it!

A few weeks ago, I was in a conversation in which someone referred to it being Week 6 of Term 2.  A few people said, “Only Week 6?”.  However, the majority of us said, “Only Term 2???”  I’m sure it feels the same for many of our families.  Time is definitely playing tricks on us in 2020…  Anyway, we have all made it to the end of Term 2, and it has only happened successfully because of the combined efforts from home and school.  One constant of this whole experience has been the support and cooperation that the school has received from our families, as we have navigated all of the changes together.  No one is pretending it has been easy, but it has been achievable thanks to the WCCS community.

Thanks to…

I must acknowledge the generosity of a number of organisations that work with our school.  Many of these organisations recognised early on the need to adapt their products for use during COVID time, and then provide these to schools.  Over the past two terms, we have had organisations provide us with electronic versions of their products (at no extra cost) for online use, extra resources that we didn’t have to pay for, modified programs that suited online lessons, etc.  Companies waived copyright requirements, amended license agreements, and so forth, allowing us to access and use products in very helpful ways.  As a school we are very appreciative of the way in which these businesses took a “how can we help?” approach to the situation, rather than one focused on their bottom line.  Some of the companies who have helped us in this way include:

* MultiLit, who allowed us to use their products online.
* SRA, who provided digital copies of workbooks.
* Be Skilled Be Fit (our gymnastics provider) who provided free video lessons and activities.
* FireFly (publisher of iMaths) who opened up other products to us, free of charge.
* Christian Education Publications, who provided free access to their resources
* Learning Curve (our planner providers) who gave us extra resources
* NSW Department of Education, who provided access to remote learning materials

And I know there are ones I have missed.  We have been greatly blessed by the generosity of these businesses and people.

Getting Ready for Term 3

A big focus for Term 3 is getting things back to normal.  One area that does help students be settled and focused at school, is coming prepared to be a learner.  This includes such areas as:

* Arriving at school with all necessary resources
* Arriving at school on time, that is, before morning assembly
* Homework (it’s back!)
* The appropriate type and amount of food, including crunch and sip
* Wearing uniform correctly:
– No smart watches
– Bringing and wearing a hat
– School shoes on school days, sneakers on sport days. Sneakers must be appropriate colours i.e. not bright colours.
– School jacket on school days, sport jacket on sport days

We would ask parents to work with us to ensure children are ready for each school day.

ICAS English and Mathematics Competitions

These competitions are on again this year.  If you are interested in entering your child in either of these competitions (also known as UNSW), please register your interest via this email link.  The competition dates for 2020 are:

* English – 24th to 28th August
* Maths – 31st August to 4th September

I encourage parents to consider this carefully, as the competitions are extremely challenging, and similar information is gained already from the compulsory NAPLAN testing.

Students who are in the top groups for these subjects are automatically entered.

Please click here to email:

* Your child’s full name
* Your child’s class
* Which of the competitions (or both) you would like them to enter

If you have any questions about the competitions, please contact Mr Cooper.

Expressions of interest are required by Friday 31st July.

Report Feedback

Hopefully all families have received their school reports by now.  As explained in the Broadcast, these are unique reports, reflective of the current times.  However, some of the changes made are part of an updating of the reports, so we would appreciate any feedback parents have regarding this.

This is also the first time we have uploaded reports only, without sending home a paper copy.  We are aware that some schools have been doing this for a number of years.  We would appreciate your thoughts about this process as well.

Helpful Links

The following are links to outside organisations who provide services and resources for families. I hope you find these useful.

* Learning Links
* The Gonski Institute for Education’s Parent and Caregiver Resources.

Reminders for Term 3

Mrs Post sent a Broadcast earlier this week with some reminders for Term 3.  They include:

* The K-6 starting date for Term 3, which is Thursday 23rd July.
* Full winter uniform.
* We are returning to normal end of day carlines time (pickup from 3:00 pm)
* IPSSO starts, but without any parent spectators
* Still no parents on site, beyond the front carpark/admin building

We hope more of these change as the term progresses, and we will keep you updated.

Enjoy a well-earned holiday with your families!

In His service,
Robert Burgess