From Mrs Coote

Welcome to 2021

Welcome back to William Carey! I trust that you had a relaxing break with your loved ones while enjoying the opportunity to sit and be still. If you are new, a very warm welcome from our school community.

What a start I have had in my new role as Deputy Principal Primary. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you more in the coming months. Some of your children have shared a little about themselves already. I am excited about going into their classes and sharing more about myself, my family, my church and the loves in my life. 

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to some of the parents during Kindergarten’s first day of school, as well as the 3 to 6 annual swimming carnival. I hope that the COVID restrictions will begin with ease and that more opportunities will exist for parents to come into the school grounds. While speaking of these events, it is appropriate to acknowledge the teams who organised the day and those who helped it run as smoothly as it did. Thank you!


Schools function best when the communication guidelines between the staff and families is clear and followed by everyone involved. What is invaluable for clarity is that together, parents and staff, present a united message to the students. There are several ways of communicating; however, due to COVID restrictions, obviously some are not currently possible. These will be discussed further on the Parent Information Evening (P.I.E Night) on Tuesday 9th February. On that night also, I will take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about myself, my background and my hope for the Junior School. 

P.I.E Night

Due to COVID restrictions, this evening will be online. It is the perfect opportunity to hear from your child’s classroom teacher, and each class will have two sessions. You would have already received some information with regards to P.I.E Night, however, please be aware that more will come early next week. Please ensure that you lock that date into your calendars. 

School Starting Time

It is important that your child arrives at school each day ready to focus and participate in the learning activities. Please have your child to school no later than 8:30 am. Your child’s classroom routines start at 8:40 am; by arriving a little before this time it provides your child enough time to prepare for the beginning of the day. More information about morning assemblies will be provided on P.I.E Night. 

Upcoming Events for February 

Week 2

Monday 1st February: Gymnastics Year 1 to 3

Wednesday 3rd February: IPSSO Tryouts

Friday 5th February: Year 3 Science Incursion

Week 3

Monday 8th February: Gymnastics Year 1 to 3

Tuesday 9th February: Parent Information Evening (P.I.E) Night

Wednesday 10th February: IPSSO

Week 4

Monday 15th February: Gymnastics Year 1 to 3

Wednesday 17th February: IPSSO

Week 5

Monday 22nd February: Gymnastics Year 1 to 3

Wednesday 24th February: IPSSO

I am here to serve the students, families and staff at William Carey Christian School. Jesus’ love and compassion to every one of us is my motivation to see His Kingdom grow. God has gifted me, and the other staff, with the ability to teach others. Every day, each of us can show His love and share His Word to each other. It is my hope and intention that I can be a good and proper example of that love. What a blessing it is to work alongside you and the team here at William Carey Christian School in growing your children.

Yours in Christ,

Gillian Coote

Deputy Principal Primary