From Mrs Coote

I recently read an article in Edutopia, An Education Journey, discussing the different issues involved in schooling today, where gardening was used as the perfect way to talk about how the people of the world are both the same and very different. Some require more watering than other plants, while ongoing nutrient was a need compared to vertically none. But when they are all cared for, a beautifully stunning image is created based on their needs.

Every student at William Carey Christian School is a unique flower who contributes to the story of who we are today. The gardeners, or teachers, frame their learning, introduce relative terms, and promote discussions by expanding conversations further. At times, more attention is required to make sure they continue to contribute to their own growth. Relationships between staff, students, and families are forever building and continuously changing as they learn more about each other. 

Over 2000 years ago, when Jesus walked the earth, we were told to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself,’ Mark 12:31. To achieve this, we need to know that person, spend time with that person, know their likes and dislikes, and strive to understand them even better, just as we know ourselves! We need to treat them the same was as Jesus treated us, putting them before us in our words, actions, and thoughts. Something that is challenging but something that embraces our humanity!

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews are coming up in Week 8 and will be online. They are slightly different from last year, as we are now using PTO instead of Google Teams. A note will be coming home over the next week. If you have any questions or areas you do not understand, please contact the Primary School Office. 

Year 2-6 Athletics Carnival

Year 2-6 Athletics Carnival is coming up in Week 8. We welcome parents and carers to attend, but they will need to sign in with the Service NSW code and socially distance when at the stadium.

Upcoming Events

Week 7
Monday 8th March: Primary State Swimming Carnival
Tuesday 9th March: Year 6 to Year 7 English entrance test    
Wednesday 10th March: IPSSO away game
Friday 12th March: Primary photo day (A-K siblings)

Week 8
Monday 15th March: National day of Action Against Bullying
Tuesday 16th March: Primary Athletics Carnival, Kindergarten Vision Screening
Wednesday 17th March: Primary IPSSO Home game, K-2 Parent/Teacher Night
Thursday 18th March: Kindergarten Vision Screening, Yrs 3-6 Parent/Teacher Night
Friday 19th March: Bullying No Way! Day, Primary Assembly K-6

Week 9
Monday 22nd March: Prep Vision Screening
Tuesday 23rd March: Prep Parent Interviews
Wednesday 24th March: IPSSO away game
Thursday 25th March: Prep Vision Screening, Year 6 Taster Day
Friday 26th March: Yr 3 Science Cool Day

Week 10
Monday 29th March: Primary Talent Show
Wednesday 31st March: Prep and K-6 Mufti day, Primary IPSSO home game
Thursday 1st April: LAST DAY TERM 1, Prep Mufti Day, Primary Easter Assembly

God Bless,
Gillian Coote
Deputy Principal Primary