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Learning Walls

William Carey Christian School has been exploring two key platforms: ‘Design for Learning’ (DfL) and Clarity by Lyn Sharratt. Our previous knowledge and understanding of DfL, links perfectly into the other. Clarity talks about ‘The Third Teacher,’ and surprising enough, this encourages the teacher to consider how their walls reflect their students learning. On classroom walls, you will see both Learning Intention and Success Criteria. Attached is an AITSL document that gives you an overview of both these strategies. 

Teachers work alongside each other planning and implementing programs. Every lesson has an intention behind it. If the students know this and understand how to implement it step by step, then long-term growth is of benefit to every learner. W.A.L.T (We Are Learning To) are written in language that all students can understand. ‘Bump It Up Walls’ provide a step by step example of the different levels needed to create outstanding work. In our Early Years, Kindergarten to Year 2, ice-cream cones demonstrate the levels necessary to create a strong piece.

Teachers need to know if a student has achieved the Learning Intentions. This is where Success Criteria comes into play. Teachers share this at the beginning of the lesson and remind students of what they are looking for. Again, during feedback, W.I.L.F’s are used to support this and make it more meaningful so that the students know what they have achieved and were they still need to grow. 

A fruitful classroom makes use of both the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. One cannot live without the other. Next fortnight we’ll look more at the framework behind Charity and how each area works towards growing every students’ capabilities.  

God bless,

Mrs Coote
Primary Deputy Principal

Year 2 Excursion – Wollondilly Heritage Centre

During weeks 2-3 of this term, Year 2 went on an Excursion to Wollondilly Heritage Centre as part of our History unit, Technology In Our Lives Past and Present. We dressed as people from the past and completed activities that people from the past would have done. Some examples were apple sorting, egg sorting, washing clothes with a dolly washer, cooking, coal mining and Aboriginal artworks. We had an amazing time and learnt a lot about the past and how technology has changed over time.

Kind regards,

Mrs Cooper, Miss Sanders, Mr Coscia and Miss Solomon

Year 4 Excursion – The Maritime Museum

On Tuesday the 4th May 2021, Year 4 went to the Maritime Museum. We had a really fun time. We learnt about explorers, navigators and traders. We went on the replica of Captain Cook’s ship, The Endeavour and a destroyer ship, called The Vampire. We even saw the making of a Netflix film. We had to end early because of the rain, so we ate lunch and went back to school. Everyone would agree that we had a great time.

Written by:
Anushka Nand 4HF

Upcoming Events

Week 5
Monday 17th May: NAPLAN Language Conventions Year 5
Tuesday 18th May: NAPLAN Numeracy Year 3, Year 6 HICES Debating Training
Wednesday 19th May: NAPLAN Catch Up, Primary IPSSO – Away Game
Thursday 20th May: NAPLAN Mathematics Year 5
Friday 21st May: NAPLAN Catch Up, Primary Assembly, Year 6 HICES Debating Round 4

Week 6
Wednesday 26th May: IPSSO – Home Game
Thursday 27th May: Prep-2 Fun Run
Friday 28th May: CSSA Primary and Secondary State Cross Country, Year 3 Zoo Excursion