On the last day of term two, students brought in coins to be stuck onto sheets of cardboard that were used to cover a wooden bridge set up in the hall  for the final assembly of the term. An amount of $929.80 was raised on the day. The weight of the coins on the wire that was strung to represent part of the bridge was so heavy, the wire broke under the stress. This was a great sign showing the generosity of the students to support this cause.

WCCS continues to raise money for a bridge to span a river in the Maphutseng valley of Lesoto. The bridge is needed to cross the  river to get to school.  In the wet season, the river becomes dangerous to cross and students cannot get to school or have to sleep in the school overnight if the river rises during the day when they are at school.  This project, which is being shared between WCCS and Georges River Grammar School, is an ongoing partnership between the schools here in Australia and the community in the Maphutseng Valley.