A Message from the Principal

Raising children is a wonderful privilege and challenge. In our busy lives, it is often hard to find time to ensure that there are good connections between home and school. However, establishing and maintaining good communication between home and school is critical for effective learning. As the saying goes ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ In this newsletter, I would like to highlight some of the events of the past two weeks and also those ahead involving our parents.

Preparation for the musical is now well underway, and if you follow the William Carey Christian School Facebook page, you would have seen the first of our behind the scenes video posts. The first rehearsal was in fact an all day Saturday event and it was most encouraging to see so many parents attend the briefing to support their children. I would also like to thank the parents who indicated their willingness to help the musical. You would be surprised at the variety of jobs that need to be done to make it to opening night (it’s not just costumes and scenery, we need to build sets and organise all the other supporting bits and pieces). So, if you are willing to help out with specific skills or time we would love to hear from you. Please contact Miss Laura Heard to find out more.

Tonight, is the K-2 Dance which is always well attended and a very exciting time for our young members of the school community. Running at the same time is the Carey Community Supporters (CCS) meeting. CCS exists to provide a parent voice and support the School community its families through fundraising. It is also a great way to get to know other parents.

Tonight, our Primary Deputy Principal, Mr Burgess, will be attending to speak with families. As well as addressing any questions you may have, he will be speaking on how the school seeks to build a greater range of contacts with parents. We require those who are willing to provide constructive feedback on ways the school can develop effective communication avenues, to benefit our students’ learning and welfare. For this reason, tonight’s CCS meeting will be a good place to make those first contacts. All parents and carers are welcome, not just those of K-2 children.

Next Thursday, on the 7th of March, we will be hosting the Year 6 BBQ for students and parents. Our Year 6 students will participate in an afternoon of games, organised by Student Leadership Council members, which will be followed by a BBQ dinner in which all parents are invited to attend. A number of key members of the High School staff will be attending. This will include Mr Chris Smith, our Dean of Students Years 7-9 and Miss Catherine Smith our Coordinator of Advanced Learning. This will be a great opportunity to meet these staff members and have a chat about what High School can hold for your children. This is also an event that is open to families who have Year 6 children attending other schools and are interested in finding out more about William Carey. I will be attending this evening and I look forward to catching up with our Year 6 families.

Yours in His service,

Keith McMullen
School Principal