From Mr McMullen

This is our last Newsletter for the term, and I must admit there are many giving a sigh of relief at this point.

One student reflected with a staff member “We started Term 1 and the went into remote learning, then into holidays in lockdown so it felt the same; then we started again with remote learning so it felt the same and then we are back to school for the rest of this term. It has just been one long term all year. This will be the first true holiday we will have had”.

For our staff this has very much been their experience too.  I would like to acknowledge their work and commitment to our students over the past months. I would also like to acknowledge that many teachers will be back in the school over the break providing HSC intensives for their classes. This has been an extremely difficult time of adjustment for all members of our school community and so I want to thank you for your ongoing support.

This week, reports have been distributed electronically and with modified formats. We are interested in your feedback on these changes as we endeavour to provide the best means of communicating with families regarding the academic progress of our students. Please contact the School via if you require assistance accessing the reports through Edumate. If you would like to provide a comment, please use the email address.

While many of our school activities have returned, events which would normally involve parents attending on site continue to need adjustment to help maintain the health and safety of our community. Looking to next term, preparations are being made to provide online events of an excellent standard. These include the Year 9 and Year 11 2021 Subject Selection evenings, further High School Parent Teacher meetings and the CAPA HSC Student Showcase. Moving these to an online format provides a greater level of flexibility but the trade-off is the loss of meeting up in person. I am really looking forward to the day when we can hold parent attended events.

This term has ended with virtual assemblies for Primary and High School. It was my pleasure to present two video talks as reflections on the term.

For Primary I spoke about the way that life is not unlike a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes the pieces fall easily into place but at other times, it can be tricky. When completing the puzzle, it is always easier to have the picture to see how it will look when finished.

I made this analogy because this term has been quite a puzzle. The pieces have started coming back into place but not always easily. Further, we haven’t had a picture to help us know what it will look like when the pandemic has ended.

What we do have, is the ‘picture’ of God’s eternal plans. This is provided in the Bible. I have found God’s promises that are contained in the Bible an immense support and encouragement over the past months and I have encouraged our students to consider that, through life, there will be many puzzling and uncertain times. However, God has been clear that His promises, which are based on the death and resurrection of Jesus, are true and reliable. This is a great picture of hope, even if the puzzle pieces have yet to come together in our own lives.

I wish you and your families a restful and safe break and look forward to the start of lessons on the revised start date – Thursday 23rd July (two days earlier).

Keith McMullen