From the Principal

Mary Has Landed

After quite a windy couple of weeks, Mary Poppins has finally landed at William Carey. I sat in on the final dress rehearsal this week to grab a sneak preview and was astonished at the high quality of this year’s musical. The cast, musicians and production team are ready to go with some stunning set pieces. The whole cast dance numbers and sets are stunning. I wish the cast of Mary Poppins all the best for the upcoming six performances. I do hope to see as many parents and students as possible at one of the shows.

The call went out last week for parent helpers on the food stalls during the musical. It was most encouraging to see a large number of positive responses. There are still a number of spots and if you are free during one of the sessions, your help is greatly appreciated. Please contact Caroline Young or Peter Ross (via if you can assist at any performance. Late offers of help right through next week will be gratefully received.

Good News on NAPLAN

Students of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will have received their NAPLAN results in the past week. It is important to remember that the NAPLAN tests only measure a small portion of what students learn and can do at school. These tests are also a ‘snap shot’ of a student’s performance on one day of the year.  This said, our students in the NAPLAN years have gained some very positive results across Reading, Writing and Numeracy.

A great deal of attention was given to the Year 9 NAPLAN results by the media as these have now been linked to the HSC. Year 9 NAPLAN is the first opportunity for students to demonstrate they meet the minimum literacy and numeracy standards. Our school’s results indicate that over half of our students have demonstrated the required standard or higher in all three areas being tested. Over 90% of our Year 9 students demonstrated this standard in at least one of these areas. These results are significantly higher than average results across the state. This year’s results in each of the year groups is very encouraging.

A letter from the school was included with the NAPLAN results to Year 9 families regarding the details of standards achieved by the individual student and those yet to be achieved. The school has access to detailed data regarding our students’ NAPLAN results. Our teachers we will be looking at this data to identify the literacy and numeracy skills that require development in our students. The school will be working to improve these skills in our students to enable them to successfully demonstrate the required standards in one of the numerous opportunities provided prior to the end of Year 12.

Supporting Families in ICT

As the school leadership are preparing details of the BYOD program for publication to families, I would like to highlight two resources that are available to support families with regard to their children’s use of ICT.

The first is This site provides parents with help to navigate the challenges raised by technology and teach our children how to use technology in a way that honours God. This resource is created by Christians yet it is not just for Christians, rather it provides good common sense advice. They present the challenges of using technology wisely and in healthy ways as an opportunity to build character in our children and as a way to create accountability. It can also provide the conditions for conversations about the tough issues our children will face. Parents are encouraged to model good practices through our own use of technology.

Secondly,  is established by the Australian Parents Council to support parents in the digital world. This website has a wide range of resources including fact sheets, articles and videos providing information to parents on the topic of technology use by families.

I urge you and your family visit these web sites and start a conversation at home regarding the place of technology in our lives and its healthy and safe use.

 Glory in his holy name;  let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice

 1 Chronicles 16:10 (NIV)


Keith McMullen