From the Principal

At William Carey Christian School, we are experiencing unprecedented events as a School community.

The widespread impacts of COVID-19 have shaken our sense of normality in so many areas of life. These rapidly changing times mean that what we once thought was secure is no longer certain.

Therefore, I am writing to you now to assure you of our commitment to our School community in providing an excellent Christian education and in supporting you through this period of turmoil. This commitment and support arises from our conviction that the gospel of Jesus Christ is good and trustworthy and transforms us to be who we are as a School.

Our present time brings concerns for all members of the WCCS community. We are aware of the concerns of our senior student families in preparing for HSC assessment. NESA have given principals the power to make decisions about the number and weighting of HSC formal assessment tasks for their schools in 2020. We want to assure you that you will be able to get an HSC certificate this year, and that the certificate will facilitate access to university, further education and employment, as it has for students over the past 50 years.

We want to assure all our students that you can expect an excellent education through our remote learning program. Through the adoption of regular daily routines, establishment of beneficial learning spaces at home and access to the school’s learning systems of Google Classroom and Seesaw, students will access a wide range of engaging and effective teaching and learning experiences.

Our research into the experiences of overseas schools, who are now months into remote learning, has shown that social connection between staff and students on a regular basis is essential for the maintenance of personal wellbeing. The use of MS Teams will provide daily opportunities for students to video conference with their teachers and participate in class sessions. This will help bridge the gap and continue to help us stay close as a community, even though we may be separated by distance.

Our school will continue to maintain learning support services, including access for students to our school psychologist and counselling team using video conferencing. Normal referral and informed consent practices will still be in place. Caring for our students has always been a fundamental element of who we are as a school – you can contact our counselling team by emailing We have also invested in providing families access to a rich selection of online wellbeing resources with School TV. We will continue to provide care for our students despite the difficulties of these times.

Remote learning is a new experience for students and staff alike, and we recognise the challenges of providing supervision and support for your children at home. As such, it can be expected that the transition to remote learning will have teething problems. I want to encourage you to persevere through these initial difficulties. You can contact IT support via for assistance with technology.

We are committed to continuing to improve and develop the quality of the learning process. For this reason, we value your feedback on ways in which our remote learning program can be improved and refined to provide engaging and effective learning experiences. Feedback can be provided to for other assistance.

We acknowledge the current changes caused by the coronavirus have the potential to create hardships for our school community families. As a School, we are providing ongoing support and excellent education throughout this time.

It is important to us, that in such a time of change that we seek to preserve continuity for our families and their children. Should you have concerns regarding your capacity to pay School fees, please let our Business Administrator, Greg Eyears (, know. This will enable us to speak with you, to find out how to provide support for our community members on a case-by- case arrangement.

This week, our School has been very quiet compared to its normally vibrant self. Our playgrounds aren’t filled with the voices of excited students and this is a sadness for our staff who are committed to the care and learning of your children.

While this is the case, it is comforting to know that spread across the many suburbs that you call home, the William Carey Christian School community is still caring for one another and learning with our remote learning program.

I look forward to the day when we can open the gates and sound the bell to commence lessons together onsite. I look forward to that day and celebrating with you and your children.

May God bless you through the coming weeks.

Keith McMullen