From the Principal

This week I have a had the pleasure of meeting with many School families. Our Father’s Day breakfast was attended by over 350 students with their fathers and grandfathers where we enjoyed delicious egg and bacon muffins and hot drinks on a clear but chilly morning. Many of the families took the opportunity of a family portrait. It was a real highlight of the week to see the excitement in our students to have their fathers at the start of their school day. I will be spending Father’s Day catching up with my family and a knocking off few odd jobs around the house. I would like to wish all the fathers a restful and fun Fathers’ Day this weekend.

This week and next, the High School Senior Executive and I have also been meeting with the students and families of Year 10 to discuss subject choices for 2019. These have been a great opportunity to not only talk about future plans and opportunities but to also reflect on establishing good study habits in Year 10 so as to be well prepared for senior studies.

I would also like to encourage you to view a video created by one of our Year 7 students which is a finalist in the Sydney Water competition ‘The Brand without a Bottle’. Adelaide in Year 7 created a script and was selected as one of six finalists to have her script turned into an advertisement encouraging people to reduce waste and ocean pollution by drinking tap water. You can view the video here and selecting the ‘gallery’ menu. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to vote for our School. The winning school will receive $3,000 towards a water saving project or resource.

Derek White, our School’s Deputy of Senior School announced his intention to step back from his roles as a classroom teacher and his Senior Executive position. Mr White has worked at William Carey since 1992 starting in the role as Head of the Science faculty. Since 2002 he has worked as part of the Senior Executive, closely focusing on the academic and pastoral care of our senior students.

Mr White has had a profound and positive influence on the quality of teaching in classrooms around the School and in the creation of a positive student culture of leadership among our senior students. He has also undertaken an active role in the support of Science teachers through his leadership role with the Liverpool Area Science Teachers’ Association.

While Derek intends to step back from these roles, he has indicated his willingness to continue his work with the School next year in a new capacity.

This change in the Senior Executive has led the School to develop two new roles which will be advertised for the next two weeks. These two roles are Dean of Students Years 7-9 and Dean of Students Years 10-12. These roles will have primary responsibility in developing and maintaining the positive student culture in the School. Their areas of responsibility will focus on student welfare (including discipline) and academic progress.

The Dean of Students, Year 7-9 will be working to create a great start to High School and a solid foundation for their future learning. The Dean of Students, Years 10-12 will have a similar role but with an emphasis in working to provide a strong finish to their school years.

In His service,

Keith McMullen