From the Principal

In the coming week, the School will be sending a brochure to every school family on the topic of School Community Expectations. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview and also some more specific information about the positive ways we can relate to one another as members of the same community. This document has been in development over an extended time and while COVID-19 has interrupted its publication I am very happy to provide a copy to each household.

A child’s learning and welfare needs are best met when parents and the school work in close partnership. Effective school partnerships are characterised by respectful communication, collaborative effort and attention to the wellbeing of others.

William Carey Christian School has the gospel at its heart. As a Christian school, we strive to maintain a community shaped by integrity and biblical principles. We encourage all members of our community to show respect and care as a way to acknowledge the equal value God gives to all people.

A unified community is based on collaborative partnerships between students, families and the school. When necessary, we seek to promote reconciliation and restoration as a reflection of God’s saving work in Jesus Christ.

I would like to commend several students (who will remain nameless to avoid embarrassment) on their consistently exemplary manner when waiting for their bus in the morning. A family who has just enrolled their child at William Carey stated at their interview that they have a bus stop in front of their house. William Carey students use this bus stop on their trip to school. The family have watched our students over an extended time and in seeing how they behaved generally and towards others, decided that William Carey was the place for their own children to learn and grow. These students exemplify the positive character of our student body and I would like to thank them for the way they have made such a positive impression on members of our wider community.

This week we also recognised the election of our school’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) for 2021. The SLC are elected by our senior students and staff. Their nominations are based on their ongoing positive character and willingness to serve in a leadership capacity. The school captains for 2021 were elected by the new SLC members. SLC member pairs are assigned to each year group from Year 6 to 12 and provide a channel through which students can have a voice within their school community.

Yet again we have been blessed with an excellent team of student leaders. I look forward to witnessing their positive impact on the student body and wider school.

School Captains:

Isaac Perez and Stephanie Ross

From Year 12 (2021):

Zachary Bent, Ricky Huynh, Orlando Kameya, Becky Kelly, Grace Naduvilath, Benita Sajan, Thomas Stanton, and Abigail Winder

From Year 11 (2021):

Sneyha Jaison, Philip Naduvilath, Catherine Nguyen, and Abhishek Ram

I look forward to seeing the many ways that these leaders will serve our community over the coming year.

In His service,
Keith McMullen