From Mr McMullen

Wellbeing at William Carey

Last newsletter, I wrote that a school can be excellent in providing for both academic and pastoral care needs of our students. An effective school should consider learning and wellbeing as ‘two sides of the same coin’. A student will learn well when they experience positive wellbeing and at the same time, making progress in learning can contribute to improving wellbeing. We see these two elements as closely entwined and complementary.

Therefore, we see the ongoing development of pastoral care and wellbeing programs as a critical element of what it means to provide an excellent Christian education. Over the past months we have been working to develop a revised vision of what wellbeing at William Carey will look like.

So, what do we want to achieve in this part of school life, what will it look like?

Firstly, wellbeing at William Carey Christian School aims to transform the lives of our community members so that they may flourish now and for eternity.

We believe in delivering a holistic education that values wellbeing. Wellbeing plays a vital role in supporting students, staff, parents and community. It focuses on all aspects of every person’s growth; strengthening intellectual, physical, social, emotional, creative and spiritual development.

William Carey Christian School adopts a distinctively Christian approach to wellbeing, which believes that Jesus has gone before us having lived a perfect life and modelled perfect wellbeing. As human beings created in God’s image, wellbeing is living well in God’s world in the way that Christ intends, and having the character and wisdom to navigate life’s circumstances. 

We have high expectations of what will characterise wellbeing at WCCS. Here is what we want for our approach to wellbeing:
* Is understood and shaped by a Biblical perspective
* Seeks to care for all members of our diverse community
* Is a shared experience and responsibility between the individual and those around them
* Provides education and tools to equip students, parents/carers and staff to live in God’s world, in God’s way as God’s image-bearers
* Builds community members in wisdom, character and faith
* Recognises that learning is both impacted by and contributes to a person’s wellbeing
* Is embedded in all school activities, it is distinctive and inherent in our school culture.

When considering how to develop a shared language of wellbeing we looked at many frameworks. That said, we concluded that our WCCS Attributes could be expanded to encompass key elements of wellbeing and was applicable for all members of our school community and so was the most suitable framework to adopt.

An essential condition for successful wellbeing is the concept of partnership. Partnerships and constructive relationships exist in many ways within a school community; between students, between students and staff, between staff, between staff and parents/carers, between students and their parents/carers and between parents/carers. With so many interconnected relationships, positive community partnerships have the capacity for achieving great good in relation to wellbeing. It also means developing positive wellbeing is a shared responsibility by all members of our community.

What’s Happening

New Library Furniture

On the news side of things, despite a delay in delivery, I am now very happy to announce the upgrade to student furniture in the library. The selection of furniture was made by our Head Librarian, Miss Leech, to provide a wide range of options from which students could choose, to work in groups or solo and in arrangements that are flexible to meet a variety of teaching and learning needs. The goal was to create a productive learning space and the student response to this point has been very appreciative. The increase in settled and focussed work completed by our students in this part of the library has also been a feature of the furniture upgrade. We have also completed our first round of ongoing student furniture renewals in Primary classrooms. This is part of a larger asset renewal program for the school, which will continue into the years to come. Click here to view the photos.

Year 6 Camp

On Wednesday morning, Year 6 and their teachers made a very early start to their Canberra camp. The itinerary included key Canberra sites including Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, National Museum and more. It also provided time at the Greenhills campsite to enjoy time relaxing and bonding as a year group.

School camps are some of the most memorable experiences students enjoy and are a very valuable part of our wider academic and wellbeing programs. I would like to thank the organising staff who committed a great deal of time in preparing such a positive time away for Year 6 and gave time, to care for our students throughout their time away. We love our camps program, and we are glad that students and staff have the weekend as time to rest and recharge ready for another busy week of school.

In his service,
Keith McMullen