From Mr McMullen

Next week we will be welcoming back our students (a day at a time) to face to face lessons. The past weeks have been very unusual as we have been open to the children of essential workers and our teachers have been extremely busy in designing lessons and contacting students online. That said, the school grounds have been particularly quiet.

I do want to acknowledge the challenge it has also been for parents to navigate caring for their children at home, providing support for their learning and often meeting their own work commitments. This has been a monumental task for many households. It has been under these conditions that our school-home partnership has shone. I would like to thank the many families who have worked with the school to find workable solutions to difficult situations.

There is a great deal of anticipation for next week, it will be wonderful to welcome the first of our students back for face to face lessons on Monday.

Our teachers have missed our students and are really looking forward to seeing them in person. While the term will still feel quite different for a while, we are looking forward to learning together in person. These will be the first steps in being reunited as a community.

Please check the email and WCCS App newsfeed broadcast sent on 30th April for details of which students are attending and when. We realise it will not fit for every family, however, we hope to move to more increased and regular student attendance as we move further into the term.

Over the past week, NSW has seen the relaxation of restrictions on making visits in small numbers to provide care for others. I hope you had the opportunity to catch up with those you love to spend a bit of time recharging your emotional battery.

I am most thankful for the low numbers of new cases of COVID-19 and this is very much the result of our wider community working together to limit transmission. Thus, it will be particularly important that we continue to put good practices into action both as individuals and as a community. We need to take individual responsibility to maintain the combined health of our community.

To maintain good levels of school health I ask you to discuss with your children the following important concepts for attending school:

Stay home if you are unwell – please seek medical advice.

Leave a 1.5m gap between you and the next person – while health advice indicates students have a low risk of transmitting COVID-19, we want to maintain good social distancing practices to continue to reduce the risk for as long as student attendance numbers allow.

Wash your hands regularly – the school has good supplies of resources to support student hand hygiene.

The school day will be a bit different (it won’t be the same as last term) – as we are in a phase of transition, timetables and rooms will possibly be different. Playground arrangements will be modified. Further changes will occur through the term.

Drop off and pick up will be an important time for parents to model good social distancing. Please do not gather in groups. This is one of the costs of the current situation, however, the medical advice is clear that there is a higher risk of transmission from one adult to another. I encourage you to continue to care for each other by maintaining social distancing in the car park.

It is my hope that a successful and combined effort will allow us to enjoy an increasing number of the things we used to take for granted.

Wishing you good health and safety.

Yours in Christ

Keith McMullen