RACI Crystal Growing Competition

Do you want to have fun with Science? Then enter the NSW RACI Crystal Growing Competition 2017 and learn all about growing beautiful crystals.

Crystals are everywhere, just think of our daily lives. Sugar, salt, diamonds and emeralds are crystals and LCD computer and television screens work because of the many tiny crystals inside. Where else can you find crystals? How about your classroom? Enter this Competition to create your own crystals within six weeks and have a chance to have these crystals judged and displayed during National Science Week.

What’s involved?
The competition is aimed at Primary and Junior Secondary school students with 3 ‘closed’ divisions (K-Year 3, Years 4-6 and Years 7-8) and an Open Division for students from K-10 in which entrants may grow any crystal of their choice. The aim of the 3 ‘closed’ divisions is to grow the best possible crystal of potash alum (a non-hazardous chemical sometimes used in pickling food!)  in 6 weeks. Crystals will be judged on shape and clarity in addition to size.

The students growing the winning crystals in each division will receive certificates and winning schools receive a trophy. Winning crystals will be displayed in National Science Week and be entered into a national competition which celebrates International Year of Crystallography.

Alum can be acquired through the uniform shop at $12 per 200g (cost price) – there may be cheaper prices elsewhere and this is minimum order RACI are accepting (you may order more if desired).

Crystal growing must occur at home over term 2. The crystals can be submitted to the uniform shop in a clear ziplock bag labelled with the school name, student’s name and student’s grade by Friday 16th June 2017 and the competition winners will be announced during August.

Please register your interest in this competition by completing the registration form attached and submitting it to the uniform shop by Friday 24th March 2017. We will meet as a team over one lunch time in week 10 Term 1 to discuss how best to grow crystals. Students are then on their own to grow and submit crystals over Term 2.

Any questions please contact Ms Vale via email.