Students at William Carey Christian School Need Your Help.

Readers and writers are required from Monday, 16th October to Friday, 7th November 2017 to assist students with special needs who are attempting the Higher School Certificate. Approximately 20 or more volunteers are required.

What we are requesting you to do?
 “Adopt a child” and whenever they sit an exam you would be with them to read the examination paper and possibly write the answers that are dictated to you.  Why do we do this?  Some students’ as a result or medical, intellectual or physical problem are assigned special provisions by the NSW Education Standards Authority to allow these students to perform at their full potential when sitting these extremely important examinations.

As an alternative, you could volunteer for a period of time, eg. A whole day or part thereof, a single examination, and so on.

Who can help?
If you are a competent reader and can write legibly you may be eligible, as long as you are not a relative of the student you are assisting, currently (or previously) employed as a teacher or tutor at the school, employed by the school in any non-teaching capacity or have a close relative sitting the same tests at another centre.

What reader writers are not required to do?
Explain or interpret the examination paper, direct the student in any manner, be expected to spell difficult or obscure words, break confidence with the individual student they are assisting in regards to being sensitive to the student’s special needs.

What we promise to do.
Support and train you, as you serve our student population. Invite you to a school orientation and morning tea, where you can ask questions and meet others like yourself who will be assisting.

If you can help.
Contact Mrs Elinor Zagorac (PA to the Deputy Principal High School) via email or by calling 9608 2277.  Many thanks as you consider this very real need in the school.