Health and Safety

WCCS has an award-winning work, health and safety system that under-girds all activities undertaken by the School.  All staff and students undergo training relevant to their level of responsibility and both staff and student WHS representative groups meet periodically to facilitate consultation on health and safety matters.

Health Care

The Health Care team works with families to promote and maintain each child’s physical, emotional and mental health. The school clinic treats student injuries and illness, and assists students to manage their specific health needs. Four registered nurses oversee the health of all students and can administer short term medications, such as antibiotics, and also long term medications to manage medical conditions. WCCS is an asthma friendly and allergy aware school. School staff are trained to manage asthma and allergy/anaphylaxis events, and a large number of staff have a First Aid Certificate.

Cyber Safety

Appropriate use of the Internet is taught to students across all curriculum areas, as well as in targeted campaigns. WCCS conducts information nights about cyber safety for parents and concerned citizens of the local community. WCCS has adopted the eSMART school framework in order to support wise and safe use of technology.


William Carey Christian School values the safety of students, families and staff. As such, all visitors to the school site are required to sign in at the Front Office. This allows the school administrators to care for our students, as well as any visitors, who may otherwise go unaccounted for in an emergency. Staff and students are regularly taken through both evacuation and lockdown procedures. Signs explaining what to do in the event of an evacuation or lockdown are found in every room on site.

Car Park

WCCS has a large car park at the front of the school for parents and visitors. During the peak traffic times within the school car park, three rostered staff are placed at various points throughout the car park to direct and oversee the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles. A speed limit of 10km/h applies to all roads on the school property and is to be strictly adhered to. Several dedicated pedestrian walkways allow access to the school via the Prep School and main gate.

Whistleblower Policy

WCCS strives to care for staff, students and their families in all the activities the school does to provide a quality Christian education to the children in our care. As part of being accountable, appropriate avenues to manage complaints need to be available. One such avenue is our Whistleblower Policy which protects eligible whistleblowers and manages qualifying disclosures made regarding misconduct in relation to the School. The Whistleblower Policy is available here.