Pastoral Care

At WCCS, all of our students are well-known, well-educated and well cared for. In order to care for our students and to ensure that they feel supported during their time here, we intentionally incorporate a range of programs and appropriately trained staff into life at WCCS.

Pastoral Care Classes

All High School students begin each day with a Pastoral Care teacher and a small group of boys or girls – during this time, the teacher marks the roll, hands out any notes and spends time discussing any issues that students may bring up. Primary School classes begin the day in a similar way, within their home classes.

School Counselors 

William Carey Christian School offers counselling to students, whenever the need may arise. Our Counselors support students and help them through a wide range of issues. WCCS employs male and female counselors, who are on site everyday and are available for all students.

Mates Program

The WCCS Mates Program pairs senior High School students with Primary students who need extra support at school. Mates meet with each other one lunchtime per week and spend their time playing sport, doing creative activities or simply in conversation. The Mates Program has seen some wonderful friendships develop between students who otherwise would not have spent time together.

Peer Support

During Term 1, Year 11 students who have volunteered and trained as Peer Support leaders attend  and lead sessions in Year 7 Pastoral Care classes. This allows the Year 7 students to find out more about high school and to build relationships with these older students.

Student Leadership

Our Senior Leadership Council (SLC) consists of sixteen students from Years 11 and 12, who work in pairs in the role of relating to, caring for and being responsible to a particular year group, from Year 12 down to Year 6. The SLC provides a forum for student discussion of student initiatives, fund-raising activities and school functions. Additionally, fourteen Year 6 students have the opportunity to be elected as Primary Pals, who represent and care for students in Primary School.