At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address issues such as sex, dating, relationships and pornography there is a huge amount that parents can do to help. This seminar, presented by David and Katie Kobler, aims to address the questions that parents have while empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives, such as:

  • The major challenges young men and young women are facing
  • The truth behind media, marketing and advertising and how it can effect young people
  • Pornography and what parents need to know
  • The effects or poor sexual decision making
  • Rites of passage; your sons and daughters journey to adulthood
  • How to parent your child through a sexually saturated society

This event will be held on Monday 9th May in R Block at WCCS from 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

This seminar is designed for parents, teachers, and people working with or caring for, teenagers and children. All parents/carers are welcome to attend regardless of where your child is placed at WCCS, members of the local community are also warmly invited to attend.

The presentation and discussion is for parents and carers only. Children and Teenagers are not invited and should not attend.

Following the professional presentation our guest speakers as well the counselling and senior welfare team will be available to answer questions and discuss situations specific to your circumstances.

About David and Katie Kobler

David and Katie Kobler provide some of the most impacting and life changing seminars available on these topics today. They are both gifted communicators and have a strong connection with teenagers. They speak with both authority and compassion to an audience who is searching for answers. Their honesty and openness in drawing on their own life experiences, alongside some of the best research available allows them to deliver a truly unique and exceptional presentation. With their personal touch and sensitive approach teachers will leave encouraged and parents and carers will leave inspired to empower their children to not just survive the teen years but to flourish in what could possibly be the greatest years of their lives.

For more information about sexuality and relationships and David and Katie Kobler, head to the website