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Overcoming Challenge

The start of this year has begun and with this comes a new assortment of assessment tasks and busy weeks ahead, with the Year 7’s having their first assessment task in High School.

In these weeks coming up we need to remember to organise ourselves to find the right balance between study and other activities so that learning can be achieved and stress and anxiety do not become prominent. If you feel like you are overwhelmed or stressed about the assessments coming up, don’t be afraid to reach out to a year advisor or SLC rep for help and advice. Even though it may seem tough over the coming weeks remember that God is with you and all that you can do is strive to achieve the best of your ability.

To help the Year 7’s adjust to all the changes that High School brings, the Peer Support Program will connect them with trustworthy leaders in Yr 11 that offer advice and support during Term 1. Small groups of Yr 11’s are designated to a Yr 7 PC and pay weekly visits, running short activities that will start to build skills needed in High School. This is a very profitable program that both encourages Yr 11 students to step up to serve and lead their school community, while the Yr 7’s become more comfortable in their new environment, with now more familiar faces.

The long awaited Athletics Carnival has happened for all of High School to enjoy together; it was be a day filled with exciting competition in a variety of races and field sports. It is especially exciting for our Year 7 and 8 students who were able to join their first annual High School Athletics Carnival, and we are so glad that they got involved in all the races and events to get house points and have fun. Last year this event was only for competitors, so this was a great opportunity to reignite the House Competitions between Spurgeon, Schaeffer, Taylor and Cranmer. Who took the trophy this year?

First term is going by pretty quick, with us being past halfway and everyone is getting into the rhythm of things into the school. We want to encourage you to stay strong and focused on learning for the rest of the term. Keep a growth mindset to learn new things so that you can achieve your full potential. God was with you for the first half of this term and He will be with you for the remainder of the term so remember to always trust in Him.

We want to leave you with a verse that tells us that it is OK if we are struggling. In fact, the Lord expects us to struggle on this earth, but He is there to keep us from falling.

“Though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.” – Psalm 37:24

He would never let us fall when we keep our eyes on Him, so as we feel the pressure build, especially for the Year 12’s, let us remember that God is still there ready to catch us before we fall, and all He wants is for us to trust in Him.

From Zach and Grace