From the SLC

We are more than halfway through Term 2 and what an exciting term it has been so far! All students have completed their half yearly exams and are now completing their final assessments and assignments for Semester 1. However, we still have so much to do in the rest of this term, including J Walk.

J Walk is going to take place on Thursday in Week 8 (15th June). Everyone is invited to come to the G Block quad at lunchtime for the event. We are very excited to come together to sing and hear from the bible from our guest speaker, Brian Sadanandan. The J Walk band has put in a lot of effort and will be performing. Everyone from Year 7 to Year 12 is invited to join in learning about and praising our amazing God.

William Carey hosted the Southwest Brickfest on the 27th of May. The event was a huge success as many students, parents and teachers came to show their support. Everyone was able to enjoy food, entertainment and lots of Lego. There were many amazing Lego displays and plenty of Lego pieces to buy, swap and play with. Everyone came with their imagination and incredible Lego building skills, which were showcased in the speed building challenges. We would like to thank all involved in planning and managing the event for all of their hard work and dedication in making this event the best day possible.

The High School Athletics Carnival was exceptionally eventful this year. The Year 12 students had the opportunity to dress up as the 90’s TV shows they grew up with, celebrating that they are the last bunch born in the 90’s. Even though it was a cold day, students from every grade showed up to run the track and show off their talents. Ending with a bang as Taylor won the war cry, GO TAYLOR! It was great to see so many students from all houses trying their best and having fun. Check out the photos on the WCCS Facebook page.

Daniella and Jonathan